[Not Massive] Osu! Admits Past Use of Intrusive Anti-Cheat


When does anti-cheat go too far?

A recent source code leak for the rhythm game Osu! has unveiled some rather damning evidence on how the program used to monitor for cheating. According to details revealed in the leak, and shown in the photo above, administrators are able to snapshot a user suspected of running cheat programs. The snapshot, as you can see above, contains not just the game but a shot of the user’s entire desktop.

Osu! developer (Reddit username Pepppppy) confirmed that while the code is outdated and as such the program is no longer present, that intrusive anti-cheat tools were at one point in use.

it has already been removed since the last time this discussion came up, actually. the code that was leaked is verydated (pulled from the master branch, which is not our active development branch). things are in a very different state currently, and we haven’t relied on any intrusive anti-cheat for a while now.

(Source: Reddit)

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