Old School Resizable Mode Passes With 95%


Old School RuneScape’s latest poll doesn’t finish for another couple of days, but the figures are pretty much locked in. Chief among the long list of questions is whether or not players would like to see a resizable mode added. 95% of respondents (over 45 thousand) said yes, with a toggle to turn the feature on and off.

Also currently on the approval list are shared slayer tasks, Zulrah drops, new spell animations, achievement diary rewards, buffs to certain equipment, changes to teleports, left-click smith option on anvils, and more. A couple of questions did not pass community approval, including changes to the Fountain of Rune, an Armadyl male helmet, the ability to gain multiple bear heads, and changes to npcs in low level wilderness.

Over on RuneScape 3’s side, players voted on larger but less frequent updates, with weekly bug fixes and “ninja fix” micro-updates in between. Abyssal Demons won the poll on which slayer monster should receive rare, elite spawns, and the Seren and the Elves quest was the most popular suggestion from the Runelabs March poll.

(Source: Old School)

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