Old School RuneScape Gets New Skill

This weekend marked Runefest, the annual festival of all things RuneScape. While discussing all things past, present, and future, Jagex announced that Old School RuneScape will receive a new skill in the form of warding.

Warding aims to fill a gap in RuneScape’s crafting. As the developer blog notes, while melee and range users have skills to create their armor, magic users aren’t so blessed. Mage equipment currently is either dropped from monsters or bought from players who in turn received them from monsters. The warding skill will aim to give mages their own alternative.

In order to craft armors, players will need to gather materials from skills such as farming, hunter, or killing certain monsters, using new crops and beasts that will be added alongside the skill. Rune energy will need to be drawn from the various monoliths scattered throughout the world. Soapstones will be used to draw runic wards on the ground, and then the materials are used to create the desired armor.

Warding will release at some point in the future. This marks the first skill available in Old School that is not in standard RuneScape.


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