Omega Prestige Hits Marvel Heroes on August 31

Marvel Heroes is giving its players what they’ve demanded, if your demands include more incentive to grind, by introducing a new prestige tier. Set to launch on August 31, Omega Prestige continues the leveling system of resetting your character to level 1 for costumes (on PC) and increased ranks (on pc and console). Omega prestige will increase its rank for each time you hit 60, up to 70 times. Since Omega Prestige is a big change, Gazillion has announced that it will be rolled out on a character by character basis, starting with Spider Man.

With the new Omega Prestige system, we will introduce “Omega Prestige” status for select heroes with a new “Omega Prestige Rank” system for those looking to unlock the true potential of a hero and to help prepare players for more challenging end-game content coming soon. Omega Prestige marks the culmination of your hero’s journey. This is an extension of the normal Prestige system, extending end-game playtime considerably for anyone who is up to the challenge.

Perks include:

  • 60 second reduction for ultimate ability
  • Doubled stat boosts from synergy bonuses
  • A unique legendary item
  • A prestige nameplate
  • A prestige flourish (spray)
  • And more!

For those of you on console who don’t feel like hitting prestige rank 6, Gazillion is selling a pack to unlock Omega prestige for $40. The pack will be available for one month starting August 31. For more information, check out the link below.

(Source: Marvel Heroes)

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