Lord of the Rings Online Server Mergers Coming

As part of Turbine’s list of updates going live this summer, Lord of the Rings Online will see a number of worlds shuttered with players given the opportunity to transfer their characters and guilds. Updates to the data centers will allow character transfers from inside the game client rather than on the website, as well […]

Flying May Not Be Coming Back, Says Blizzard

World of Warcraft’s 6.2 patch brings players to a revamped Tanaan Jungle, but if you were hoping that the update would finally unlock flying in Draenor’s zones, you’re out of luck. Flying isn’t coming to Draenor in patch 6.2, and like never will, according to a Polygon review with Blizzard’s lead designer Ion Hazzikostas. Blizzard’s […]

Star Vault Posts Higher Q1 Earnings

Star Vault has released their first quarter sales for 2015, and the results are rather positive. While sales are down from where they were last year, net sales increased over the fourth quarter to $68 thousand. Likewise, Star Vault’s net loss fell substantially from over $100 thousand in Q4 to $61 thousand this quarter. According […]

Xsyon Continues Month of Updates

Notorious Games has announced the launch of Xsyon’s latest update, introducing a trading post to the post-apocalyptic MMO. The trading post allows for trade with tribes beyond the mist, and accompanies several other tweaks and improvements. This update sets the stage for many upcoming building uses including infirmaries, welcome stations, taverns, craft workshops and toll […]

Triad Wars Beta Key Giveaway

I’m pleased to announce that MMO Fallout is teaming up with United Front Games to distribute beta keys for Triad Wars. Triad Wars is an upcoming MMO set in the world of Sleeping Dogs, with players given the role of kingpin to a growing criminal empire in Hong Kong. We have one thousand beta keys to […]

TERA Declares Itself #1 MMO On Steam

En Masse Entertainment has declared TERA to be the #1 MMO on Steam, based on peak concurrent players compared to other MMOs on the digital platform. Since launching on Steam on May 5, 2015, TERA has seen explosive growth, with new and returning players pushing the total number of accounts to over 4.5 million in […]

Half-Elfs Break Everquest’s Progression Server

If you’ve been waiting for Daybreak to unlock the Ragefire progression server for Everquest, you’ll be waiting a bit longer. The server has been taken down due to a bug allowing players to log in with fully-formed level 50 characters. The Daybreak team is currently looking into what caused this. Half-elf bard’s broke #Everquest. We’re […]

Beta Perspective: Triad Wars

Disclosure: I haven’t played Sleeping Dogs, to which Triad Wars is set in the same universe, so this series is new to me. MMO Fallout should be taking part in a beta key giveaway at some point in the near future. (Correction: Triad Wars is set in the same world as Sleeping Dogs, it is […]

Daybreak Unbanning Cheaters Who Apologize On Youtube

The first step for a recovering cheater is admitting you have a problem and placing your faith in an almighty benefactor. That benefactor, in this case, is Daybreak Game Company. John Smedley took to Twitter to comment that, after a recent massive ban wave in H1Z1, a large number of players have been emailing him […]

Blade & Soul Hits Western Shores This Winter

Put down your torches and extinguish your pitchforks, because Blade & Soul is joining Fievel and going west. The long awaited MMO from NCSoft will go into closed beta this fall with a launch sometime during the winter. Players will be able to get their hands on six classes, four races, and a level cap of […]