MMOrning Shots: Reaper Of Souls

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from RuneScape, for today’s Grim Reaper update. Soul Reaper tasks players with culling the world’s population of boss monsters for the Grim Reaper, in return for points that can be spent on rewards. Rewards include various items and buffs to assist players and make death less punishing. Survive to […]

Old School: One Last Shot At Artisan

Old School RuneScape launched as a snapshot of the MMO as it was back in 2007, and since then has updated with a ton of new content all sourced from the forums and approved by a majority of players via content polls. With the variety of content added, Old School RuneScape has pretty much established […]

Planetside 2 Playstation 4 Beta In 2014

Sony Online Entertainment took some time to speak about Planetside 2 at this year’s SOE Live. While they can’t promise anything, the goal is to have a beta version of Planetside 2′s Playstation 4 version available to players by the end of the year. The PC version is still on track for its regular updates, […]

Dark Elves And Class Reveals For Everquest Next

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed new details on Everquest Next at SOE Live. Development on Everquest Next continues alongside Landmark, with feedback from the community in Landmark fueling development of the full MMO. The Dark Elves were the latest race to be revealed today, showing off gothic-themed architecture and dark landscapes. Alongside the new race, SOE […]

NCSoft Q2 2014 Finances

NCSoft has posted their second quarter finances for 2014 and the results are looking good across the board. Thanks to strong launches including Guild Wars 2 in China and Wildstar in the US and EU, NCSoft saw a 20% increase in sales, a 46% increase in profit, and a 45% increase in net income over […]

Defiance on PS3 Now Free

Trion Worlds has announced that Defiance has officially gone free to play on the Playstation 3. If you don’t already own Defiance, you can find the game in the Playstation Store by searching “Defiance” and downloading the free client. Players who also happen to own Playstation Plus can also download a free pack which includes […]

Virtual Stable Sells For $5600

Entropia Universe is well known here at MMO Fallout for its ridiculous sales of virtual estate for real money. Entropia Universe AB announced today that the MMORCE (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy) game has successfully completed its first stable auction, and the results might just astound you. Over $58 thousand real dollars were spent […]

SMITE Announced For Xbox One

Hi-Rez Studios came out at Gamescom to announce that the popular PC moba title will be making its way console-side. The ID@Xbox program allows developers of all sizes to bring their games to the Xbox platform, and is the platform through which SMITE will make its way to the console. “As a third-person action game, […]

Darkfall Quests Coming In Autumn

Aventurine has announced today that quests are coming to Darkfall Unholy Wars this Autumn. The first batch of quests will cater to new and old players, with availability varying from right in your face to obscure and more difficult to find. Quests are designed to be open-ended journeys that integrate players with recent and ancient […]

RuneScape Releases First Expansion

Jaex has released the first part of the first expansion for RuneScape. Lost City of the Elves is set to release in three content chunks, the first being the quest Plague’s End, the largest quest to be added into the game and the conclusion of a quest series that began in 2002. The second and […]