Trion Worlds Offering “Community Appreciation” Package

Trion Worlds recently found itself in a bit of controversy following the company’s attempt to win back ex-customers by doling out gift packages. The packages were considered far too generous by members of the community, including expensive gift packages and items that previously required heavy investment into the game’s lockboxes. In response, community manager Scapes […]

In Plain English: Bassett V. Electronic Arts

Here at MMO Fallout we take strides to keep you up to date on ongoing litigation, because generally the news only covers the start and the end, but not the years in between or the actual arguments being made. The case of Bassett V. Electronic Arts involves the termination of online services and accusations of […]

ArcheAge Welcome Back Package Turns Sour

Update: Trion has laid out its plans here. Trion Worlds is a company that we see a lot of complaints about here at MMO Fallout, but being too generous is a new one. The developer recently tried to bring back ArcheAge players with lapsed subscriptions by sending emails offering free stuff. Many players received about […]

Final Fantasy XI Shutting Down On PS2/360

Square Enix’s Thursday Livestream has come and gone, and the announcements were not all great. Square unveiled the Vana’Diel Project, a three part strategy to continue support for the aging MMO. The first part, unfortunately, involves ending content updates. Following a three chapter scenario aimed for launch in May, August, and November, Final Fantasy XI will […]

Carbine Studios Details Contracts

Wildstar’s next update, Invasion: Nexus, is on its way to clients everywhere soon. As part of the update, Carbine Studios is working on introducing contracts, daily quests that players can partake in at level 50 that are designed to be completed in a short amount of time. The goal of contracts, according to Carbine, is […]

Return to ROBLOX: A Highlight in Creativity

I’ve been meaning to dive back into ROBLOX and see what the community is up to these days. Luckily for me, I had some free time in the couple of days leading up to my septum surgery to look about and come up with a few more creative highlights to show you all. The creation pictured […]

Perfect World Layoffs Include 18 From Cryptic Studios

Recent rumors about layoffs at Perfect World Entertainment have gathered stride as an anonymous employee contacted Massively Overpowered with more details. According to the employee, the layoffs include eighteen members of Cryptic Studios, or around 14% of the studio, with the Redwood Shores office hit the hardest. More information is sure to become public as Perfect World […]

3000AD Reconsidering Free To Play After Weekend

Line of Defense, MMO Shooter currently in an early state of development, recently ran a free play weekend that has developer 3000AD rethinking whether or not free weekends will be on the menu for the future. Derek Smart slammed the negative reviews as “disingenuous” and criticized gamers for not reading the documentation provided, not understanding early […]

Thursday Livestream Will Discuss Final Fantasy XI’s Future

Square Enix will be holding a livestream this Thursday to discuss the future of Final Fantasy XI. Considering that this is a Japanese livestream, however, you’ll need to be up pretty early (3am EST) and probably understand Japanese. For the rest of you who need your beauty sleep, the dedicated community will no doubt have […]

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Is Now Available

The Elder Scrolls Online is now available free of subscription. Anyone who previously purchased the game will already be able to log in with access to the base game and all of its updates up to this point. Subscribers are automatically boosted to ESO Plus, and receive the associated bonuses. More information can be found […]