Final Fantasy XIV Teases Deep Dungeon

Final Fantasy XIV is gearing up for the release of patch 3.35, which introduces the Deep Dungeon. The Palace of the Dead is a (to start) fifty floor, randomly generated dungeon that can be explored in groups of up to four players. Your progression in the dungeon is separated from that of your normal adventurer, […]

Beta Perspective: A Third Go On The Neverwinter Express

How much do I like Neverwinter? Three systems in and I’m still playing it, that’s how much. Neverwinter is an action-based MMORPG set in the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign. It initially released on PC back in 2013, Xbox last year, and now the game has come to Playstation. Unlike its Microsoft counterpart, Neverwinter […]

Overwatch: Square Enix And Sony To Face Off

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia Atsushi Morita will be squaring off in the battlefield later this week. As reported by our friends over at MMO Culture, the heads of both developers will be putting together their own teams of six to fight it out in Overwatch (presumably […]

[Community] The Rebel Developer: “I Just Want To Get Rid of This Sh**y Game”

For this week’s Community Monday, I want to dive into the latest indie developer meltdown currently in progress. The subject for the latest incident is The Rebel, a Unity asset flip that currently has a 75% positive (of four reviews) rating on Steam. There is one person online at the time of this writing. The […]

Disaster Report: Umbrella Corp Is Essentially Buried

If there is any sympathy for Capcom over Umbrella Corps, you’d have to look long and hard in order to find it. Umbrella Corps, the game that was met with severe skepticism and ultimately negative reviews, appears to be dead in the waters just a few weeks after launch. According to Steam Charts, the game […]

Atlantica Online Transitioning To New Management

Atlantians, After nearly ten years of traveling the globe to battle the corruption of Oriharukon, we regret to inform you Nexon America, NDOORS and Daum have arrived at the difficult decision to discontinue our service of Atlantica Online. Publishing rights will be transferred to VALOFE Global Ltd, an online and mobile game developer and subsidiary […]

Jagex Acquired By Chinese Investors

Jagex, the Cambridge-headquartered creator of RuneScape and Chronicle: RuneScape Legends finally announced their acquisition by Chinese investors, with a new Board of Directors being constituted immediately upon their purchase. The acquisition was first hinted at months ago after news broke that the developer was considering offers from Chinese iron mining company Shandong Hongda. CEO Rod […]

Overwatch Introduces Ana, Healing Sniper

Following Blizzard’s recent reveal of a sniper rifle with healing capabilities,¬†gamers are finally being introduced to the latest playable member of Overwatch: Ana. The mother of Phariah, Ana’s biotic rifle is capable of healing friendlies and inflicting damage over time to enemies. Her sidearm, a sleep dart, is capable of putting enemies to sleep (naturally) […]

Trion Worlds Loses Two, Not A Layoff

Trion Worlds has confirmed that the recent loss of two employees is not related to rumors of a layoff, which did not happen. Instead, Defiance/Devilian community manager Sarah “Kiwibird” Walters and a presently unknown member of Trion Worlds left of their own volition. In response, other community managers are stepping up their involvement with players, […]

IPE Update: Digital Homicide Needs A Lawyer

(Update: This detail was pointed out by a reader. The document has been stamped as “not in proper form” and “subject to rejection by the court.) Small IPE update this week. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but Digital Homicide is in severe need of a lawyer. Today’s update is just two […]