Turbine Layoffs Confirmed Over Twitter

It looks like Turbine is going through a round of layoffs. Earlier today, former Community Manager Rick Heaton tweeted “Thinking of my friends at #Turbine and #LOTRO and elsewhere today. I’m easy to find if you need me.” When asked if his tweet was related to layoffs at Turbine, he responded “sadly.” The comment has […]

World of Warcraft is Dying: Subscriptions Increase

As World of Warcraft continues its descent to an early death, Blizzard has revealed that World of Warcraft has seen a bump in subscribers. The MMO behemoth is currently sitting at 7.4 million, six hundred thousand more subscribers, as of October 14th. The imminent release of Warlords of Draenor expansion is no doubt bringing players […]

MMOrning Shots: Listen Close, Children

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from World of Warcraft. The guy with the purple staff is giving a history lesson on the days before WoW had a streamlined auto-patching tool, and the process of installing the game from start to finish was often a ten hour job. Laboriously install MMOrning Shots every Monday, Wednesday, […]

Wildstar Merger Nukes Low Level Inactive Characters

Carbine Studios is set to launch the Wildstar megaservers this week, on Wednesday October 15th. Players will be grouped into one of four servers, based on their physical location (US and EU) and server type (PvE or PvP). Due to the complicated nature of the merger, Carbine Studios is expecting a downtime of twelve to […]

Final Fantasy XIV GOTY Edition Coming

Square Enix has announced a new limited edition of Final Fantasy XIV, set to hit the PC in mid-November. Dubbed the Game of the Year Edition, this box includes a “Book of Diamonds” Grimoire box, five exclusive art cards, and 30 days of playtime, as well as the base game and all content updates. In […]

RuneScape Ditches HTML5, Introducing New Client

Jagex just announced at RuneFest that the HTML5 client, originally planned for launch with RuneScape 3 last year, hasn’t worked out. The expectation was that the technology would be optimized in time, and sadly it has sorely lagged behind. Rather than pushing ahead with what is likely to be an unwinnable situation, Jagex has announced […]

Wildstar State of the Game

Carbine Studios has released the latest State of the Game address for Wildstar. After hitting some hurdles with population and having to drop their monthly update plan, Mike Donatelli posted a list of updates that are currently in the works for the next update. Players can look forward to new zones, new lore, and other content updates […]

Diaries From ArcheAge #2: Shipping Overseas

As part of the ArcheAge experience, I decided to dedicate some time to delivering a trade pack overseas to the Solzreed Peninsula. I can already tell this is going to end in my death. As you can see, my only means of transportation across the sea is in the basic rowboat obtained through an early […]

MMOrning Shots: Signs From Above

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Line of Defense, where there appears to be a war going on in the stars. A star war, if you catch my drift. What I’m saying is that those clouds look like a Star Destroyer in battle with a rebel ship, which is either unintentional, a well placed […]

Not Massive: Dragon Age Origins Free On Origin

Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out soon, and what better way to get integrated into the series than to play the game that started it all? Dragon Age: Origins has enough content to keep you situated until long past Inquisition’s release next month, and you can grab it for free on Origin right now. The free version […]