World of Darkness Cancelled

CCP has officially announced that World of Darkness has been cancelled. Some of you may remember that, last month, CCP’s annual financial report stated that the company had written off a piece of software as no longer having any value. It looks like that property was World of Darkness. In his note accompanying the announcement, Hilmar […]

Development Ceases On Pantheon

Visionary Realms has announced that development on Pantheon has slowed to a halt, noting that the initial funding has been depleted and the studio can no longer guarantee paychecks to its employees. The post on the official website states that development has “slowed down,” while a tweet from KTAM Radio that was retweeted by Brad […]

RuneScape Legacy Mode Detailed

Back in February, Jagex revealed details on the upcoming Legacy Mode for RuneScape, aiming to bring back players who weren’t happy with the Evolution of Combat update. Legacy Mode allows players to enjoy the modern RuneScape with much of the old systems still in place, including bringing back the old combat system and special attacks. […]

Zenimax Bans Thousands Of Cheaters

Beware all cheaters who enter through this gate, for your dastardly deeds have sealed your fate. Zenimax Studios has announced that “thousands” of cheaters have been exiled from Tamriel as a result of a sweeping ban that targeted bots, spammers, and speed hackers. The announcement notes that many of these bans are thanks to reports […]

City of Titans Shows Off New Tech Demo

Our friends over at Missing Worlds Media have unveiled a new video showing off map construction using the new Unreal Engine. It is quite impressive how dramatically a scene can be altered by changing the lighting and leaving models untouched. For more details on the upcoming superhero MMO, check out the City of Titans official […]

Surprise: SOE’s New MMO Is A Zombie Sandbox

Surprise! We’ve known this is coming since Sony Online Entertainment first registered a trademark for H1Z1, but the cat is finally out of the bag. SOE officially announced H1Z1, a zombie sandbox MMO set to release its first public-playable version within the next four to six weeks. The game will see players scavenging stores and […]

Super Data Research: ARPU In Shooters

Superdata Research has once again come around with new insight into the industry. This time, the marketing group has come up with a list showcasing the average revenue per user of the top free to play shooters on the market. The list notes that games like League of Legends have nine players for every person […]

SOE Revealing New Game Today

John Smedley posted on Twitter earlier today to reveal that an unannounced game is set to be revealed later on this evening, with gameplay footage to show. Watch tmw between 5-6pm PST if you are interested in the new game we haven’t announced. there is gameplay footage. Smedley later tweeted that players will be able to […]

MMOrning Shots: Donde Esta La Biblioteca?

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Jagged Alliance Online, where the Spanish language version is now freely available to all. Spanish speaking players will enjoy fully tailored localization as well as community management and customer service in their language. Check out MMOrning Shots every Lunes, Miércoles y Viernes.

The State of MMO Fallout

The great part of having this small website is that I can easily reach out the my viewers and say “hey, this is what is happening.” MMO Fallout started out as a pet project nearly five years ago, and while it hasn’t grown massive in terms of viewership, we’ve managed to carve out a fine […]