PWE Announces Next Neverwinter Module, The Maze Engine

Perfect World Entertainment has announced The Maze Engine, the next big update for Neverwinter, will be hitting home computers this Spring with Xbox to follow. The Maze Engine is set to introduce a number of much anticipated updates, including the long awaited return of dungeons. Four fan favorites are set to return with new graphics, […]

Funcom Earnings Slow Over Last Year

Funcom’s final quarterly report of 2015 has released, and the results are not so pretty. Revenues dropped to $2.5 million from $2.9 million over the same period last year, due to Funcom’s major sources of revenue (their MMOs) declining with age. In addition to a loss in equity and earnings, the total cash position of Funcom […]

Wildstar Teases New Content

Wildstar’s next content release has been confirmed as Destination Arcterra. In this release, players will be tasked with heading off to one of planet Nexus’ more mysterious locations. The zone offers dynamic content, such as powerful bosses that only appear once their lesser counterparts are defeated. Both factions will also fight it out for exclusive […]

[Not Massive] Ant Simulator Funds Blown On Strippers And Booze

Backers of the Ant Simulator crowdfunding campaign have every right to be furious today, as we learned that the game has been cancelled due to a lack of funds. While it isn’t uncommon for such games to run out of funding during development, the outward explanation and reason for why the developer has no money […]

Jagex Unveils RuneMetrics, Paid Stat Tracking

In the Behind the Scenes for February, Jagex officially unveiled a new stat tracking service coming to RuneScape this month. Named RuneMetrics, the service is advertised to log a wide variety of player actions, giving in-depth details on how efficiently the player is training, what they are collection, and how much damage they are dealing […]

Marvel Heroes 2016 Is Here, Controller Support Now In

Marvel Heroes 2016 is here, and the long awaited controller support has come along with it. The 2016 update brings with it the secret invasion story line, with ten new regions, twelve new bosses, and a new patrol zone. The update also introduces Black Cat as the latest playable character, an Agent Venom team-up, and […]

Trove Forces Cash Shop, Trion Worlds “It’s Just Business”

Trion Worlds has announced that upcoming updates to Trove will increase focus on the cash shop and reduce the ability to obtain certain things through gameplay. The announcement focuses on three aspects of Trove life: Cubits, classes, and patron. For starters, users will obtain cubits at a slower initial pace, with prices on the store […]

Divergence Online Pulled From Steam By Developer

Divergence Online is no longer available for purchase from Steam, with developer Ethan Casner pointing to harassment from Steam users as well as displeasure with how Valve is handling said reviews/comments. Casner points specifically to user reviews using offensive slurs, as well as attempts to dox the developer through the review/comment system. While the comments […]

Less Massive: Valve Bans CSGO Servers That Falsify Inventories

Valve has issued a warning to server owners in Counter Strike: Global Offensive that modifications that falsify player inventories are not allowed and must be removed before “further action is taken.” Since Valve’s games are heavily modifiable, players in the community quickly figured out methods to alter servers in order to provide players with weapon skins, […]

Funcom’s Next Game Is A Conan Open World Survival Title

Funcom has revealed their next title, Conan Exiles, will be released into early access this summer with full launch on PC and consoles to come after. Exiles is set to be an open world survival game where players must survive the harsh lands of Hyboria by hunting, fighting, and taking shelter. The game is played […]