Final Fantasy XIV First Expansion Coming

Square Enix has announced the first expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV, set for release in 2015. Dubbed Heavensward, and good luck pronouncing that, the expansion focuses on the city-state of Ishgard, and introduces a new race, new classes, new primals, and new high level content. Players will also have plenty to grind for, with […]

Gaming For Good Raising $20 Million For Charity

While other gaming websites are busy declaring the death of the gamer, they’ve managed to ignore Gaming For Good, a charity platform that brings gamers togethers and rewards donations with video games. The way the system works is that you donate to get points, and those points can be spent on game keys. Gaming for Good […]

Less Massive: Afterfall Insanity Is Free, And Still Costs Too Much

If you follow MMO Fallout on Twitter, or even if you don’t and simply catch my tweets on the sidebar of this website, you might have followed a link yesterday to redeem a free copy of Afterfall Insanity. Well, after putting about six hours into the game, I can honestly say that I got out of […]

Jagex Declares Runefest 2014 “Most Successful.”

Jagex has declared this year’s Runefest, a convention for RuneScape fans, the most successful to date. At the festival held at London’s Tobacco Dock, Jagex revealed Chronicle, a collectible card game due to release next year. The convention played host to numerous presentations, Q&A sessions with developers, cosplay events, and other distractions. At the center […]

Xsyon Improves Free to Play Trial

Xsyon is a free to play sandbox MMO which features an extensive terraforming and construction system, but up until now you had to be a paying subscriber to truly make an impact on the world. In the latest update, Notorious Games has opened up homesteads to free players, allowing them to build and shape to […]

Diaries From ArcheAge: Why I’ve Left

I love ArcheAge, really. When Bioware announced a massive experience boost for The Old Republic in preparation for the launch of the next expansion, I had to make a choice: Continue subscribing to and writing Diaries From ArcheAge articles, or allow my subscription to lapse that very day and move over to The Old Republic […]

City of Steam Merging US Servers

City of Steam developer Mechanist Games has announced that the three US servers will be merged into one, bringing gamers together and dealing with waning populations. The merger is set to take place on October 21st and is expected to require four to five hours of downtime. Players from servers 2 and 3 will receive […]

Planetside 2 Automated Turrets Being Balanced

Sony Online Entertainment is currently planning on implementing automated turrets into Planetside 2, and is soliciting feedback via the forums and through an update set to hit the public test server in the next few weeks. Turrets will be stationary objects, likely only available to the engineer class, and the hope is to release them […]

Turbine Layoffs Confirmed Over Twitter

It looks like Turbine is going through a round of layoffs. Earlier today, former Community Manager Rick Heaton tweeted “Thinking of my friends at #Turbine and #LOTRO and elsewhere today. I’m easy to find if you need me.” When asked if his tweet was related to layoffs at Turbine, he responded “sadly.” The comment has […]

World of Warcraft is Dying: Subscriptions Increase

As World of Warcraft continues its descent to an early death, Blizzard has revealed that World of Warcraft has seen a bump in subscribers. The MMO behemoth is currently sitting at 7.4 million, six hundred thousand more subscribers, as of October 14th. The imminent release of Warlords of Draenor expansion is no doubt bringing players […]