MMOrning Shots: Scourge of the Warlock

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Perfect World Entertainment, showing off the latest class to hit Neverwinter: The Scourge Warlock. Module 4 releases on August 14th. Check out MMOrning Shots every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

DC Universe Online Comes To Southeast Asia

Gamers in Southeast Asia have been waiting patiently to get their hands on the superhero MMO known only as DC Universe Online, and their wait is finally over. Sony Online Entertainment partnered with Asiasoft to bring the MMO brawler to Southeast Asia, where players were able to take part in a closed beta period from the […]

Archlord 2 Soundtrack Available

Cris Velasco is likely best known for his work on the Mass Effect 3 and God of War soundtracks, not to mention a pretty impressive list of other titles. Velasco was brought in to work on the soundtrack for Archlord 2, and Webzen is so proud of his work that they want everyone to have […]

MMOrning Shots: Menu Redux

Today’s MMOrning Shots is a callback to a classic, which is what we writers use as code word for using old content to mask a lack of new content to show. Remember back when Final Fantasy XIV was under reconstruction and how one of the big reveals was that Square Enix had tested their new […]

Guild Wars 2 Did Not Sell 3.8 Million In China

You may have seen some news over the past few days that Guild Wars 2 has sold 3.8 million copies in China, which would be excellent were it true. As it so often turns out, the information was spread via a fansite and is inaccurate, according to an Arenanet Twitter post: We’d like to clarify […]

Richard Bartle: “Free To Play Has A Half Life”

Richard Bartle is the creator of the first ever virtual world: MUD1. Bartle also believes that the free to play model has a half life, and will eventually fall out of favor with gamers. At a Develop conference in Brighton, Bartle stated that inherent qualities undermine the free to play model, despite it being a […]

Eldevin Introduces Desktop Client

Hunted Cow Studios has released the latest patch for Eldevin, bringing with it a multitude of updates including a downloadable desktop client. Dubbed Patch 1.16, Eldevin branches out of its browser-based roots and is now available in downloadable form. The client is compatible with Windows (32 and 64 bit), MacOSX, and Linux. While the downloadable client […]

RuneScape Legacy Goes Live Monday

Jagex has announced today that RuneScape’s Legacy Mode will go live on Monday, July 14th. Legacy mode, as voted on by players, reverts RuneScape back to the combat system that existed prior to the introduction of Evolution of Combat. Abilities are removed, the old interface has been reintroduced, several systems have been reverted back, and […]

MMOrning Shots: Dino Day

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from The World II, showing off just about the coolest boss I have seen in an MMO. I present you with Mecha-Rex. Mecha-Rex seems like your typical Tyrannosaurus-Rex that you probably have seen in other games. We however upped the ante by including a large sharp spiked tail on […]

Archlord 2 Open Beta Begins

Webzen has announced that Archlord 2 is officially in open beta as of today. Any player with an active Webzen account is now free to log in without the need of a beta key. The open beta will have four servers available based on region and language, with players capped at level 41 with new […]