Snail Games Legal Double Feature

Snail Games is the subject of legal action on two fronts, so for the sake of brevity let’s talk about both of them in one article, shall we? The first, former executive of Snail Games David Runyan is seeking damages from his employer alleging unlawful dismissal and racial discrimination. Runyan’s lawsuit specifically targets Snail Games […]

Raptr’s Top October List

Raptr has released their top played list for October 2014, and the list is hardly surprising. ArcheAge remains popular, rising to the fifth place with World of Warcraft taking its natural spot below League of Legends in preparation for this month’s launch of Warlords of Draenor. The Old Republic rose three ranks, outdoing Final Fantasy […]

Wildstar Cheaters Given 24 Hours To Confess

A recently discovered gold exploit is in the process of being patched out of Wildstar, and in the meantime players are being put on notice. Carbine Studios knows who you are and what you’ve done, but you may not be completely out of luck. We are aware of the gold exploit feedback that has been circulating […]

NCSoft Third Quarter Finances

NCSoft has released their third quarter finances, and the news is good. While sales decreased 1% since last quarter, they amounted to approximately $195 million. Operating profit increased 25% quarter over quarter to $74.15 million, with pre-tax income up 33% and net income up 43% to $79 million and $69 million respectively. Increased revenue was attributed […]

Beta Perspective: RPG MO

The best thing about old school gaming is that no matter how old I get, it stays just the same. RPG MO, which sounds like the gaming equivalent of the twenty pound bag of generic cereal you can buy for $1 at the grocery store, is an in-development MMO heavily reminiscent of RuneScape Classic that […]

Transformers Universe Layoffs Coming

Jagex has confirmed that layoffs and employee shuffling are expected to hit the Transformers Universe team. In a statement to Games Industry, a Jagex spokesperson noted that the game has reached a stage in development where redundancies in staff can be shuffled over to other projects and in some unfortunate cases be laid off. While no […]

Darkfall Opens Free Week

Starting now and running through November 18th, prospective players can download and play Darkfall Unholy Wars completely free of charge. If you have Steam installed, simply click on this link to begin downloading the client. You have until midnight Pacific on November 18th to play, after which the game will require a subscription to continue. […]

RuneScape Expands The City of Elves

This week sees the second half of RuneScape’s Lost City of the Elves expansion. The update introduces the latter half of the Elven city, bringing with it new high level skilling locations, new monsters to fight, and new rewards. Prifddinas first opened its doors in September and has seen the high level community flock to […]

Old School RuneScape Polls New Continent, Achievements

It’s hard not to see Old School RuneScape as something of a gamer’s pipe dream. Every single update, barring bug fixes, has to be vetted through the player base and cannot be added unless 75% of the voters say yes. Over the past year, the polls have managed to shift Old School on a content […]