Dungeon Fighter Online Is Back, Hits Steam Today

Dungeon Fighter Online is back, and by the time you read this will probably already be up and running. Initially shut down back in 2013, publishing for Dungeon Fighter Online was picked up by Neople and reopened in beta to the public last year. Today marks the game’s official launch on Steam. Servers open at […]

Curt Schilling Is Running For President

If you thought presidential politics wasn’t crazy enough, just wait until you see who is stepping into the ring. Curt Schilling, former Red Sox pitcher and head of defunct game developer 38 Studios has announced his plans to run for president in 2024, or possibly in 2020 should Hillary Clinton be elected by some means […]

Survarium Kills Off More Cheaters

Survarium developer Vostok Games has announced a new ban wave of 139 players over the past week for the use of prohibited software. For those unaware, Vostok Games is one of the few developers willing to name and shame the players who are punished in their public announcements. You can find the entire list below, […]

[Humor] Broadsword Games Plagiarizes Sony’s Terms of Service

It isn’t too unsurprising to see a smaller game developer plagiarize a larger company’s legal agreements, but it is hilarious when they forget to take out key words such as the company’s name. MMO Fallout has been covering these incidences since way back in 2010 with Quest Online stealing the fourth pillar speech from Bioware, […]

Atlas Reactor Is Going Free Again

Atlas Reactor is going free, following the news from earlier this year that the game would be buy to play. In a post on the official website, Trion Worlds announced that players will have access to free character lists that rotate every week and are unique to the player. Reward caches are doled out as […]

“Fake Ass Witch Hunt” Against Curt Schilling Results In No Charges

The case of 38 Studios is finally coming to a close as the Rhode Island state attorney general Peter Kilmartin has declined to press charges against Curt Schilling and members of the state economic development board. According to an eight page report filed by the attorney general, there is not sufficient evidence to secure a […]

Nexon Chairman Indicted On Corruption Charges, Bribes His Prosecutor

A three week investigation has concluded that Nexon founder and chairman┬áKim Jung-ju likely gave more than eight hundred thousand in bribes to high ranking prosecutor┬áJin Kyung-joon, in a case regarding suspicious stock transactions. According to ongoing investigations, Jin received 425 million won from Nexon to buy stocks in the company, allowing the prosecutor to amass […]

Riders of Icarus Blight of Frost Keep Update Drops Today

Riders of Icarus players will receive a wealth of new content today in the first major update for the game since it arrived in Open Beta earlier this month. With a level increase to 35, Riders will now have an all-new zone to explore, with its own unique mounts to capture and tame, dungeons to […]

Shroud of the Avatar Begins Anew: Final Wipe Today

Shroud of the Avatar is officially in the phase of launch where the game isn’t officially released but the cash shop has been open for a while and characters are no longer being wiped, or sufficient enough to review as we like to think of it. Following yesterday’s telethon, the Portalarium crew managed to rake […]

Watch: Albion’s Final Beta Trailer

Albion Online has put out its final beta trailer, dubbed Everybody Matters.