Deadman Adds Attack Priority, Separate Your Victims

Yesterday’s update to Old School brought in some much needed, and popularly requested, changes to Deadman Mode, the recently released hardcore game mode for RuneScape. Players can now opt to separate how the game prioritizes targets, making it possible to navigate crowded areas without accidentally attacking another player. The update will come in handy in […]

Trion Introduces $20 Early Access Pack, Bumps Existing Packages

If you’re looking to buy into Devilian but don’t want to shell out the minimum $50, Trion Worlds has a new package for you. Available as of yesterday, the base Devilian package now costs $20 and includes beta access, a two day head start, a corgi companion that comes with extra inventory slots, fifteen days […]

Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium Game Pack Now Available

The latest game pack for Elder Scrolls Online is now available for purchase, billed as the largest DLC game pack to date. Orsinium clocks in with over twenty hours of story content, not to mention new dungeons, new powerful equipment, a new solo challenge, and more. The update brings in content to all players with […]

Get Trove/Devilian Goodies In This Week’s Humble Bundle

Trion Worlds is taking part in the latest Humble Weekly Bundle with a few goodies for two of their games. For this week and this week only, you can get your hands on the Humble Extra Life bundle for Trion’s upcoming ARPG Devilian. The package includes access to all Devilian beta events as well as […]

Borderlands Online Future In Question As 2K Shanghai Shuts Down

If you were waiting out on that Borderlands MMO, you may want to hold on to your sick days for now. 2K Games reported this week that it will be shutting down not just its Singapore offices but also those in Shanghai, laying off around 150 employees and leaving behind little more than a simple […]

NCSoft Q3 2015 Drops Across The Board

NCSoft has released their third quarter financial reports and the results are pretty much negative across the board. Sales were down 8% under the same time last year, while profits fell nearly forty percent and net income dropped sixty percent across the same period. NCSoft has pointed to a drop in in-game promotional items for Lineage […]

Activision Blizzard Releases Quarterly Report, Hearthstone Up, WoW Down

Activision Blizzard released their third quarter revenue statements this week, and the news is all around great for the developer. Chief among the announcement is the news that the publisher is set to acquire Candy Crush developer King for $5.9 billion in equity value. Net revenues for the quarter amounted to $990 million up from […]

MMOments: Deadman Is DarkScape Plus Punishment

Deadman Mode is DarkScape plus punishment, a statement that should be instantly endearing to anyone who tried out the RS3 mode and found it too accommodating to rushers and griefers. If you’re looking for Old School RuneScape with more rogue-like features, this is the place to be. If you’re not willing to lose a lot, […]

The Park Is A Decidedly Creepy Game Appetizer

(Editor’s Note: The screenshots in this review are provided by Funcom to the press. While I wanted to provide my own shots, none of my screenshot grabbing tools or even Steam were able to capture screenshots for some unknown reason) With all the news about Funcom’s death spiral, being one of the few game developers […]

Arkham Knight Refundable Through End Of Year

After four months of absence, Batman: Arkham Knight is finally available for sale on PC again. Despite numerous patches, however, many customers are still finding the game in an unacceptable state, with bugs and performance issues still causing problems. Luckily for affected customers, Warner Bros has made it possible to refund the game for any […]