Ten Years Later, Half Life 3 Still Doesn’t Exist

It’s been ten years since Valve announced Half Life 2: Episode 3 and the internet is pretty much convinced that the game will never be made. Originally conceived back when episodic gaming was nowhere near as prevalent as it is in this post-Telltale world, Valve hoped that splitting one giant game (Half Life 3) into […]

[Community] A Response To Paste Magazine’s “Git Gud” Article

Hi Garrett Martin, Recently Paste Magazine posted an article on the “Git Gud Mentality,” and how it is why people don’t take games seriously. I considered dropping a comment on the page but, frankly, the odds of it getting lost in the kerfuffle and not read or given attention by anyone outside of the mob […]

Impressions: Homefront The Revolution

If there is a recent game that screams “rent me from Redbox for a day,” Homefront is that game. Not mind-numbing terrible, not jaw-dropping awesome. It’s competent, mostly, but has severe problems that might make you want to wait for a few weeks/months until they can be sorted out. You have to feel sort of bad for […]

Turbine Disabling Lord of the Rings Sales Through May

If you were looking at picking up anything in Lord of the Rings Online this week, you’re out of luck. In a post on the official forums, Turbine announced that sales for the nine year old MMO will be halted for a week on Tubine’s store as well as through Steam and Amazon. The announcement […]

ArcheAge Issues Warning Against Toxic Behavior

Stomping down toxic behavior is all the rage these days, between Riot Games putting the kibosh and permanently banning certain players for life, to Blizzard pledging to tackle racism after the latest Dreamhack conference, Jagex taking on streamer harassment and KKK cosplay (a phrase that shouldn’t exist), and now Trion Worlds with ArcheAge. The game […]

Otherworldy Creatures Invade Champions Online

Beginning yesterday (May 19th) and going through June 2nd, heroes in Champions Online will be able to group up and take on otherworldly invaders in the Nightmare Invasion event. In order to participate, players must be over level 10 and in a group of at least three. Strange otherworldly creatures have started invading Millennium City, […]

Top MMOs That Need To Come To Consoles

The current generation of consoles have played host to a major surge in massively multiplayer games, with new titles releasing and being announced every month. To date, console gamers can enjoy titles like DC Universe, Planetside 2, Neverwinter, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, and more. With Star Trek Online recently announced for both Xbox […]

Snapshots: Unsurprising Racism Edition

If you caught our coverage of RuneScape’s latest ban controversy, you probably made a mental note of Jagex’s statement that a player was permanently banned for dressing up as a KKK member. Some of you may have wondered how it is possible to dress up like a klan member on RuneScape. Well, here’s your answer. […]

Play Marvel Heroes Instantly With InstaPlay

While download waits increasingly become a thing of the past, the thought of having to sit through a 20 gigabyte client for a free to play game is still a daunting task that puts some people off. Who has time to wait for a game to download when you’ve got villains to beat up? Luckily, […]

Top 5: Ideas Twitch Can Adopt To Curb Racism

Today must be a day ending in ‘day,’ because Dreamhack has come and gone and the internet has once again shown itself to be a cesspool of racism and harassment. In the wake of people piling on to the Hearthstone stream to throw racist comments at finalist Terrance Miller, both Blizzard and Twitch have committed […]