DC Universe Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

As incredible as it may sound, DC Universe Online has been around for six years, and is planning on kicking off a new year with plenty of anniversary celebrations. As part of the event, players travel to a new version of Metropolis in order to fight off a Qwaridian invasion from another universe. The event […]

Video: World of Warcraft Patch 7.1.5 Survival Guide

World of Warcraft is implementing patch 7.1.5 and Blizzard wants you to know what to expect. You can check out the entire list of patch notes here, or watch the video above to get the gist of things. Putting it short, the patch contains more class balances to make each type more enjoyable, the return […]

Fig Claims 4 of Top 10 Crowdfunded Games In 2016

When I say that Fig carries four of the top 10 funded games in 2016, your answer is probably “of course, they curate the list of games they put up.” As someone who previously had doubt about Fig as a crowdfunding platform, I’m happy to see that the service is apparently finding its footing. Boasting […]

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Spurs Frontier Lawsuit Against Atari

Frontier Developments¬†is currently best known for their hit title Planet Coaster, of course when people aren’t thinking of them as the developer of that Star Citizen-esque game that actually saw release. Odds are you’ll also remember them as being the developer behind Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, because I just told you they were. The news […]

Community Revives The Sims Online, It’s Too Popular

The Sims Online is back! I’ll give you a second to remember that this existed. We’re going on ten years since The Sims Online was shut down by Electronic Arts, but nothing online ever dies forever. Unfortunately for players, while promising for the developers, is that interest in the revival has been so overwhelming that […]

PSA: Return To Atlantica Online, or Lose Everything

Atlantica Online is getting a new set of parents in the form of VALOFE, moving from its current home at Nexon on January 11th. As part of this transition, players are warned to transfer their stuff or face the possibility of losing it. Anyone who does not transfer their account over by the January 11th […]

Daybreak Continues Shrinking: Landmark To Shut Down

Daybreak Game Company’s library continues to shrink just a little more, with the news that the rest of Everquest’s Next’s failed dream, Landmark, will shut down February 21st. As of right now, the game will be unavailable for purchase while all items in the marketplace will have their cost turned down to 1. In addition, […]

Screenshots: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5

Final Fantasy XIV is set to launch patch 3.5, The Far Edge of Fate, and Square Enix is sharing a ton of new content screenshots. Seriously, the few that I have curated are just a sample of the massive amount of media that Square has released. Topping the list of new content is Dun Scaith, […]

Firefall Shut Down For 2 Weeks In December, Nobody Noticed

In my predictions for 2017, I said that Firefall would shut down and nobody would be surprised or really notice. What I didn’t realize was that Firefall had already shut down, for two weeks, back in December. And nobody outside of the community noticed. According to posts on the community forums, the servers first went […]

[NM] Ham Radio Deluxe Bricks Consumer’s Software, Co-Founder Blames Diabetes

There’s a shiny nickel in it for whoever looked at that headline and immediately understood it. HRD Software, who develop software for ham radio, is being hung out to dry after a customer complained about his software’s incompatibility with certain versions of Windows. One user,¬†Jim Giercyk, called up customer support to complain that his product […]