[Mobile] Marvel Future Fight Introduces Original Character Crescent

Netmarble today released an update to Marvel Future Fight introducing three new characters. The update introduces an original character, Crescent, as well as Marvel favorites Morgan Le Fay and White Fox. “Crescent is a 10-year old girl named Dan Bi who grew up in Korea, raised by her single father, an antiques dealer who was […]


Aura Kingdom Unlocks Awakening Patch

Gamigo has released an update to Aura Kingdom increasing the maximum level and allowing players to further power up their characters. The awakening system grants max level characters with a quest that will allow them to super level 1. The new awakened leveling comes with an exclusive character banner and new features. Guardians, wizards, and […]

Twin Saga Patch Introduces Five New Dungeons

Gamigo this week revealed a new content drop introducing numerous new features and an in-game event. Fans of Twin Saga can explore five new dungeons as well as collect exclusive pets as part of a crossover event with Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia with each pet originating from the various online worlds. Within the six […]

Dark Eclipse Release V2.0, Official Ranked Mode

Dark Eclipse has been given a major boost this week in the form of version 2.0. The first ever MOBA for Playstation VR just became more competitive as the update introduces ranked mode with a global leaderboard and three new playable characters. “Our passionate community already knows there’s still nothing else quite like DARK ECLIPSE in VR […]

[NM] Bad Press: Don’t Read Too Much Into Konami’s Trademark Renewals

Konami this week silently renewed its trademarks for Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid in Europe and the press is already speculating on what this could mean: A Playstation Classic lineup? Remakes? Remasters? A surprise announcement at the game awards? Don’t hold your breath. This story comes up whenever a developer is found to renew […]

Square Enix Black Friday Sale: Use SHIP10OFF For $10 Off Shipping

It’s Black Friday, and that means sales, sales, and more sales. Over at the Square Enix store, you can grab a number of games at a heavy discount including Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood or its collector’s edition. For physical orders over $75, type SHIP10OFF in the promo box for $10 off shipping fees. All kinds of […]

Black Friday: Check Out All Of Daybreak Games’ Deals

Black Friday is upon us, and that means deals on everything! For Daybreak Game Company customers, there is a good week’s worth of deals on every game in Daybreak’s library. Check the list below to see what’s on sale for your preferred title. DCUO (Nov. 23 – 26, 2018) The DCUO Black Friday Sale is […]

[Column] Fallout 76’s Black Friday Sale Is A Warning Against Pre-Orders

Gamers were angry when Square Enix put Shadow of the Tomb Raider on sale for 34% off just a month after launch. They were just as angry when Bethesda knocked 50% off of Wolfenstein II a month after it hit store shelves. Boy will/should they be livid now. Fallout 76 launched eight days ago and […]

Impressions: Hellgate London Is Lazy And Incompetent

What else can I say? A whole lot. Incompetence is a word that has dogged Hellgate: London from the day when Electronic Arts and Flagship thought that a subscription on a Diablo clone would be a guaranteed money maker. Following the completely timely demise of Flagship Studios and the departure of Bill Roper to a […]

Magic: The Gathering Arena Adds Direct Challenge Play

Magic: The Gathering Arena has officially added Direct Challenge to the game’s open beta. Direct Challenge play allows players to challenge each other directly to one on one matches, allowing people to settle feuds, test strategies, and pit their deckbuilding against one another. Direct Challenge is simple, all you have to do is: You and your […]