Paragon Studios Discusses Its Closure


It’s been five months since City of Heroes shut down, and the more we hear about the events surrounding the closure of Paragon Studios, the less realistic that NCSoft’s explanation that they had “exhausted all options” seems to become. Gamasutra has published a very informative piece on the closing of Paragon Studios, detailing how Paragon Studios management attempted to buy out the studio, its employees, and its games. Due to a last minute roadblock, the deal fell through and we all know what happened next.

“It was very much a surprise. We all were really working as if things were going to work out. … It was business as usual right up until the last day.”
-Matt Miller, former lead designer at Paragon

You can read the rest of the three page article at the link below.

(Source: Gamasutra)

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