Path of Exile PVP Manifesto

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The latest Path of Exile patch introduced two new game modes, but the focus of the update was on player vs player combat. In a development manifesto released on forums today, Grinding Gear Games has detailed recent changes to the combat system introduced in patch 1.3.0.

With 1.3.0, damage scaling has changed. It has been split into two algorithms — one for physical damage and chaos damage, and one for elemental. In low-level play, damage is reduced by about 20% for physical skills, but is increased for elemental damage to compensate for assumed resistances. In high-level play, the damage reduction is much sharper.

You can read the entire manifesto at the link below, but unless you’re an avid player of Path of Exile you probably won’t understand many of the changes.

(Source: Path of Exile)

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