Pay to Win: The Exiled Has No Time For That

The Exiled is an upcoming MMORPG hitting ground February 23, and the development team over at Fairytale Distillery want you to know that their game has no place for pay to win tactics. For starters, everyone access to a seven day free trial which can be extended indefinitely with a simple one time payment of $19.99 minimum.

Your payment allows you to reserve one character name forever, one character slot per season, a cosmetic title, avatar picture, frame, and background, and unique skins for tier 0 equipment. Higher tiers reward various skins and pets, and even the soundtrack and art book, but you won’t be able to buy in-game power. The top purchase tiers do reward a higher fame gain (unlocking account ranks) and extra daily challenge slots.

Fairytale Distillery’s latest press release also notes that certain regions including Russia and Brazil will have lower local prices.

(Source: The Exiled)

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