Perfect World Arc Client Freebie: Khan Costume


Remember that Star Trek film where the guy shouts “Khan!” really loud? No I’m not talking about Into Darkness, I’m referring to the second film in the original series, The Wrath of Khan. Now you too can look like Khan, or at least dress the part. The Arc client is Perfect World’s central hub slash community portal through which you’ll be able to download and launch any of the games in their library.

To give a little incentive to use the program, Perfect World has put up free Khan costumes.

Claiming your exclusive uniforms is easy! Simply log into Star Trek Online via the Arc client and read the “thank you” message from the team that will be waiting for you in your in-game mailbox. After, make sure to stop by the tailor and outfit your captain in the incredible Khan uniforms pictured above.

If you’re not a Khan-man, don’t feel left out. Check out the link below for codes to Perfect World’s other games, including costumes, perks, and consumables in their respective games.

(Source: Perfect World press release)

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