Perfect World Entertainment To Shutter War of the Immortals/Battle of the Immortals

War is immortal, unless of course you’re referring to Perfect World Entertainment’s War of the Immortals which is one hundred percent mortal. Perfect World today announced that two titles in its library will be shutting down next week, those being War of the Immortals and Battle of the Immortals. Both titles have been in operation for six years and will close down as of January 9 when the servers go down for good.

All payments from September 1 through December 14 will be credited back to your Arc account.

All WOI payments from September 1st, 2017 through December 14th, 2017 @ 11 AM PT will be converted into Arc credit and allocated to your account. These credits can be used in any of the other PWE games. Arc Points between this same time period will also be refunded to your account.

There was no official reason given for the shutdown, however activity on the forum would seem to indicate that this may be a standard case of low traffic/revenue.

(Source: Battle, War)

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