Perfect World Responds To Recent Neverwinter Exploit


The Astral Diamond Exchange and Auction House are temporarily offline after a bug allowing players to duplicate astral diamonds was discovered and exploited by players. Perfect World has posted a notice on the forums that they are currently compiling data to see how widespread the effects of the exploit are, and will be using that data to determine the appropriate action to take place in response. Right now it appears Perfect World will be running character-specific rollbacks.

We are still investigating the situation. There is a high likelihood that we will be performing character-specific rollbacks on any accounts that were found to be utilizing the exploit. Additionally, we are investigating the extent of what can additional steps can be taken to remove any illegitimately obtained Astral Diamonds that have entered into the economy. At this stage, the possibility of performing a shard-wide is unlikely.

You can read the rest of the ongoing updates to the situation at the link below.

(Source: Neverwinter)

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