Perpetuum Online Extends Active Accounts, DDOS Attacks

Back in January I talked about the issue surrounding a certain someone launching a distributed denial of service attack on indie MMO Perpetuum Online. The attacks began in January and caused the server to become unstable for many players. For now, however, the developer believes that the attacks are over. Players are being compensated with three extra days added to their subscription.

Probably most of you are aware of the recent DDOS-attacks against the Perpetuum servers. They seem to have stopped now, but we have and still are taking steps to strengthen our defenses against these kinds of attacks in the future.

To compensate for lost game time, we have decided to extend all active accounts (including trial accounts) by 3 days, effective after today’s patch.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all our players for their continued support through these times, even when they couldn’t even log in and play.

Hopefully this is the end of the story, and the developers can move on to more important issues.

(Source: Perpetuum Forums)

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