Perpetuum Online To Shut Down Its Servers This Month

Perpetuum Online may be shutting down its official servers, but the game isn’t necessarily going away forever. Avatar Creations last week announced that, after seven years, the official Perpetuum servers will go offline as of January 25. If you happen to have an itch that only Perpetuum can scratch, you’ll still be able to log in to one of the game’s already available standalone servers, operated by members of the community.

We cannot release the live server’s database to the public due to privacy issues, however DEV Crm is committed to keep the live DB alive with his own private server solution. This won’t be the same as the current official server in terms of speed and availability and it’s strictly a “no promises made” gig, but it’s something.

The official news post goes into more details on standalone server operations. There are presently five servers online, however most have single digit player counts.

(Source: Perpetuum)

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2 Responses to “Perpetuum Online To Shut Down Its Servers This Month”

  1. Rynikwiz says:

    Hi there, while the Official Server has gone, come join the Open Perpetuum Project Server. We have been actively developing this since September.

    We are excited that the community has also come alongside our efforts. We currently have a test Server up for bug fixing and tweaking for the month of January. Then there will be a server wipe and our live server will be available to play.

    Come check it out or come chat with us in discord.

    Discord: (Use the OpenPerpetuum Category)


  2. Rynikwiz says:

    I should also add that the game is available on Steam for 4.99 and there is no charge to play on the OPP server.

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