PSA: How To Actually Unlock The Raiders DLC On Steam

Raiders of the Broken Planet is giving its DLC away for free, but only until Friday. The method to unlock said DLC is rather, shall we say, convoluted and probably somewhat confusing for some of you. So MMO Fallout has put together a comprehensive guide on how to unlock Raiders free campaigns while the promotion is still going.

Step 1: Don’t Click On “Add To Cart”

Clicking on Add to Cart is probably why you are Googling this in the first place. Clicking Add To Cart will add the item to your cart and provide you with a cost to purchase. You’re not here to buy the DLC for $10, you’re here to buy it for $0.

Step 2: Go To The DLC’s Page

Click on the DLC to view its store page. Here you will see the DLC listed with the option to just “Download” it, as shown above.

Step 3: Click Download

Click download. This will activate the DLC to your account. You’re done, that’s all there is to it.

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