PSA: Payday 2 Is Free, In Limited Quantities

Overkill Software is giving away five million copies of Payday 2 on Steam, and all you have to do to collect is to head over to the Steam page and click install. In an unorthodox giveaway for the platform, Payday 2 will remain free until five million free copies are redeemed, after which it will be available for full price. Overkill has already announced plans to shift Payday 2 and its great abundance of DLC into one package, dubbed the Ultimate Edition, that people who already own the game and some of its DLC will be able to buy into at a pro-rated discount.

That package isn’t ready yet, but the DLC is being taken away from the store, so Overkill is making the base game free in the meantime. Not everyone is happy about this change, but the game did come out in 2014 meaning those who bought in on day one should have gotten more than their money’s worth by this point.

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