PWE Acknowledges Elemental Evil Faults, Vows To Fix Them


Neverwinter has a new lead designer, one Scott Shicoff, previously content lead on Star Trek Online and creator of the Sword Coast Adventures. As part of his new duties, Shicoff is looking at Neverwinter’s latest update, Module 6, to see what hasn’t quite worked out.

In the coming weeks and months, our team will use this to shift Neverwinter from where it is now into what we feel is a far better place. Most of our goals are to make the game better by improving the aspects noted below, while others will bring the game closer to matching the growth of our players and our original vision for Neverwinter.

The team will be performing surgery on multiple areas of Neverwinter from invocation, xp rewards, dungeons removed, and more. The first change, set for release in the next update, is to bring experience rewards for campaign areas to a more consistent level.

We are only reducing XP given by repeatable quests in the Tyranny campaign areas. Other quests are unaffected. I know this isn’t an ideal scenario, but to help compensate for this change we will be running our double XP event for an entire week, starting Thursday, April 23 and ending Thursday, April 30.

You can read the entire letter at the link below.

(Source: Neverwinter)

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