Quick Look: Alganon, Fall of the Ourobani Comic

Alganon lore is a topic I am not fully versed in. The game spans two factions divided by race (Humans and Talrok), in an endless battle over territory, power, and resources. Through past updates, Quest Online has expanded the lore through the library and via in-game updates. This winter sees the release of the next Alganon expansion, introducing the Ourobani race. To prepare for the expansion, Quest Online is releasing a comic book titled Fall of the Ourobani, the plot leading into the events that occur when the expansion launches later this year.

The first issue sets the stage for the expansion, introducing some key players to the Ourobani race. Bana’Serit, the future queen of the Ourobani, Tasa’harr, a member of the Ourobi Order, seeking a powerful weapon called the Worldhammer hidden in an ancient temple. The god of the Ourobani, the appropriately named Ouroban, is said to be so powerful (by his followers) that the Asharr and Kujix temporarily set their differences aside to destroy the faction.

Graphically, Fall of the Ourobani fits in with the art style of Alganon itself, and the desperate action of the Ourobani to get through the portal and escape the impending Asharr and Kujix armies almost gives the player a sense of sympathy toward the race. Every character is uniquely detailed, with pulsing muscles and flowing robes, each easily distinguishable from those around them. For instance, Tasa’harr is instantly recognizable as a Magus, even before the narration describes him as such. The dialogue, however, is one of the weakest links of the chain, with a lot of exposition, presumably to compensate for the fact that the story, from start to finish, is only 18 pages.

Overall the comic reveals a good chunk of lore, giving a proper introduction to the barbarian-styled race of the Ourobani as well as setting the stage for why the race is suddenly making its way back into Alganon, what they want, and why players should feel compelled to slaughter them by the thousands. It’s worth a read, even if you’re just slightly interested in the lore surrounding Alganon.

The digital comic will be available in about three weeks, although sadly the print copy will only be available at the two Comic Cons. Fall of the Ourobani was created by DC Comics and hopefully will not be the only issue in the series. If anything, the comic is excellent hype material for the upcoming expansion, and advertisement for Quest Online’s upcoming MMO Line of Defense.

This quick look was completed using the full release copy of Fall of the Ourobani, supplied to MMO Fallout by Quest Online. The images used are from the preview pages available at Alganon’s website.

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