Richard Garriot Wins Lawsuit Against NCsoft

If Funcom's money was gold-backed...

I hope NCSoft has plenty of it...

Oddly enough, it was exactly one year ago yesterday (shortly after MMO Fallout began) that I wrote up about Tabula Rasa, where I mentioned that Richard Garriot was suing NCSoft for $24 million for alleged fraud. In his lawsuit, Garriot claimed NCSoft forged a letter of resignation, both to themselves and the community of Tabula Rasa, and used it to get out of contract terms that would put Garriot in control of a number of stock options under the conditions of involuntary termination. In short: NCsoft fired Richard Garriot, and then lied about the conditions of his departure to get out of paying him millions of dollars in stock options.

The jury awarded Garriot $28 million, which NCsoft is of course planning to fight tooth and nail.

More on Richard Garriot as he appears.

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