Rift Server Merger Incoming


Trion Worlds has announced an upcoming server merge to the MMO Rift. Previously Trion would sneak around the need to merge their shards by switching them into “trial” mode and forcing players to transfer off of them anyway. This time around the company is going for a good old fashioned merger, shutting down three North American and four European shards on October 23rd and 24th for each region respectively. According to the announcement, the company hopes that one day the server architecture will allow them to run multiple languages on the same servers.

Players with names already taken on the server they are merged into will have to change theirs, and guilds with conflicting names will be marked with a ! and will be able to change their name via customer support. This only affects the players on the shards that are shutting down, not the players on the destination shards.

(Source: Rift)

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