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When I first discussed ROBLOX, I referred to it as a virtual toy box, as if someone took a box full of Lego bricks and made them sentient and programmable. It isn’t an MMORPG along the lines of World of Warcraft, but it can be if the right person is doing the building. It isn’t specifically designed to be a first person shooter, but that hasn’t stopped its players from turning it into one. Just about anything you can think of to build, someone has probably already done it, and yet the community still comes up with new stuff to do. You can play paintball, survive Slenderman, take charge of a fishing ship, fight back a zombie outbreak, or enjoy a fun obstacle course.

Usually when I write about ROBLOX I get responses pointing to the fact that there are a lot of outside properties on display in ROBLOX creations, to which I have to say I’m not surprised. ROBLOX is a game that brings to life the child-like wonder and imagination of its players, so it only stands to reason that in the same way that kids play out their favorite video games or television shows, that the creations in ROBLOX will also draw heavily from areas like Minecraft, Naruto, Spongebob Squarepants, DragonballZ, Skyrim, etc.

ROBLOX has seen a massive push over the past year or so to optimize the engine and allow for a smoother experience for creators and players. Improvements allow for objects to interact with each other in a much more realistic fashion, without the kind of performance drain seen in previous builds of the engine. This has allowed for more optimized and realistic explosion effects, for objects to collide and interact with each other in the way you would expect them to, and more.

The most recent engine update brought in dynamic lighting, allowing players to add in some ambiance to their creations. It sounds like a minor change, but as you can see in the screenshot below, the effect is very noticeable. The update is still technically a work in progress, with more additions coming to better optimize the system and beef up its visual effects.


It is important to note that dynamic lighting is an optional addition, and must be programmed into the world by its creator, so only a small (but growing fast) number of creations are using it at this point and builders are still getting used to how the system works. Still, the recent changes to ROBLOX are all the proof that we need that the game still has a very long life ahead of it, with plenty of new toys on the horizon for its builders to play with.

I will also be working on a series of ROBLOX videos looking at various creations, starting with the first that should come out this week (I apologize for the lack of specificity, but my “real job” schedule has me working over fifty hours a week). You can check out ROBLOX for free over at the main website.

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