Runefest 2018: Jagex Cans The RunePass

I talked about the Runepass back in July and at the time I was hesitant to give any score to the feature given it was essentially in the state of a pilot program. While I noted that it did somewhat reduce the Dailyscape issue that plagued prior limited promotions, the pass just wasn’t worth it especially when compared to the competition. The Runepass was $10 and compared to other games that have released such a mechanic, it offered very little not only in rewards but in time, lasting about two weeks when most others run for a couple of months at a time and give a lot more for the same cost, if not cheaper.

The response from the overall community was also pretty negative, with players expressing doubts towards Jagex’s promise that a Runepass would mean less cash shop promotions, with many believing that Jagex would just opt to do both.

Well Jagex promised that they would go back and look at the Runepass before offering an update, and it looks like the Runepass has been shelved along with expansions. In a post on the RuneScape Reddit, Jagex stated that while Runepass was apparently successful commercially, it will not be coming back in the foreseeable future.

Before we try doing RunePass again we need to put a little more time and thought into it. For the time being, at least, those energies are better invested elsewhere, and our focus is better placed on instead ensuring the delivery of great game updates for 2019.

(Source: Reddit)

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