RuneScape Bank Rework Has Been Canned For Time Being

Remember the bank rework? The one Jagex teased for release back in 2016? Temper your expectations, because it isn’t coming out.

Mod Shauny took the time to post over to Reddit a couple of days ago that the bank rework has been shelved and won’t be worked on for the foreseeable future. In short, the project turned out to be simply too complex, and the team decided to focus on smaller engine re-works that have been requested over the years.

As shauny summarized:

  • In short the bank rework as a whole is shelved; we are not working on it and will not be for foreseeable future.
  • We are investigating bank placeholders on its own as a feature you want. It is at this stage purely an investigation into feasibility, and we make no promises about being able to deliver this.

The announcement has left quite a few angry players over the fact that Jagex knew that the rework was not going to be possible “a few months” after Runefest 2016, but chose to wait over two years to communicate this to the customer base while still pretending that the update was still in the works.

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