RuneScape October Updates Detailed


Jagex has unveiled the October update list for RuneScape. As part of the regular weekly updates, players will be able to enjoy the much anticipated ironman modes, a new mini-game, and extra tweaks to existing content. The month will spin off with a Halloween themed event and quest, and players will be able to view the Runefest stream on October 11th.

  • Ironman mode: no trade, no cooperative minigames, no treasure hunter, no lootshare, no gifts. Can you make it through RuneScape completely on your own? Go even further with hardcore ironman mode, featuring permanent death.
  • Smarter familiars: Combat familiars will join in a fight immediately, along with multiple other updates to the Summoning system.
  • Drop tables: Ghosts and beasts will see their drop table reworked for better loot.
  • Halloween event: Help the grim reaper himself deal with otherworldly issues.
  • Divination mini-game: Guthix’s hidden rune cache.
  • Treasure Hunter and Solomon Store updates: New cash shop promotions.
  • Runefest: Jagex’s convention, taking place on October 11th.

(Source: RuneScape)

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