RuneScape Premiere Club Available Again

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RuneScape’s Premiere Club has returned once again for the 2014 holiday season. Premiere Club membership is a subscription package that can be purchased in three, six, or twelve month increments with bonuses increasing based on the length of the subscription. This year, Jagex has partnered with Paypal and is offering an exclusive samurai outfit and a pet to players who either buy their membership through Paypal or buy a lower tier membership and then upgrade to gold through Paypal.

The bonus list for this year is pretty extensive. All tiers receive bonus loyalty points (scaling), a lava hood, and a tier-5 aura Dwarven Instinct that can be used to find hidden treasures. Silver and up receives an additional daily treasure hunter key as well as a grey skin cosmetic. Gold tier members will receive an onyx skin override, lava wings, a lava bird pet, access to VIP servers, a premiere-club forum, an in-game badge, a forum badge, and exclusive Q&A with developers. All tiers have access to the Paypal exclusive if purchased through Paypal.

Premiere Club will only be available through the end of January.

(Source: RuneScape)

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