RuneScape Releases First Expansion


Jaex has released the first part of the first expansion for RuneScape. Lost City of the Elves is set to release in three content chunks, the first being the quest Plague’s End, the largest quest to be added into the game and the conclusion of a quest series that began in 2002. The second and third chunks of the expansion will be released in September and October respectively, with each part introducing a new section of the Elven city of Iowerth. The expansion promises “hundreds of hours of new content,” introducing new mini-games, dozens of new training methods, new equipment, new items, and and more.

“This has been a year of resurgence for RuneScape, from the introduction of the Legacy combat mode and Twitch integration to the launch of our debut expansion pack, voted for by players as part of our Player Power initiative,” said Phil Mansell, vice president of RuneScape. “In addition to the remarkable environments, challenges, and gameplay that the Lost City of the Elves brings, it also underlines the collaborative efforts between the RuneScape development team and our passionately loyal players as we work to bring the game they want to experience to life.”

When the original quest released in 2002, RuneScape looked like this.


(Source: Jagex Press Release)

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