Santa’s Gone Missing In This Week’s RuneScape Update

This week’s RuneScape update introduces a new mini-quest, ‘The G-Nome Project,’ and sees players searching for none other than Santa himself who has none other than gone missing. The G-Nome Project continues a storyline first started in November where players assisted in the building of a clockwork boy. Now Santa has gone on a journey to turn him into a real boy.

In addition to this festive mini-quest, the holiday aura is now active in RuneScape, offering a 50% experience bonus as well as a cosmetic effect.

(Source: RuneScape Press Release)

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2 Responses to “Santa’s Gone Missing In This Week’s RuneScape Update”

  1. rafaelo says:

    Nice event. I love when something changes in holiday time ingame.

  2. ogri2 says:

    I love events in mmo like chickens in silly hats.

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