Satireday Headlines


Satiredays brings you all the headlines you missed because they aren’t real. This week’s episode is brought to you by Hardcore LLC and their upcoming MMO You Deserved This, where everyone will try to steal from you, including the billing department.

Let’s check the headlines, shall we?

  • Blizzard Admits WoW Was A Joke That Went Too Far.
  • Care Bears Creators Deny Link With PvE Servers.
  • Survey of Tanks Confirms Healers To Blame For All Raid Failures.
  • Survey of Healers Confirms Tanks To Blame For All Raid Failures.
  • Casino Owners Push For Ban On Lockboxes Out of Concern for Ethical Practices.
  • New MMO T-shirt Includes Exclusive DLC Where NPCs Laugh At You For Spending $40 On A T-shirt.
  • Free To Play MMO Announces Change To Mandatory Subscription.
  • And finally…
  • Survey Finds 99.9% Of Cheating Bans To Be “For No Reason.”

Once again, today’s Satiredays Headlines is brought to you by You Deserved This. Pick up a $20 cash card at your local Target and see if you get anything for it. Come visit our booth at New York Comic Con this August, or feel free to visit our CEO who will be serving time in the Cook County Federal Prison for commercial fraud until approximately 2017.

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