See People Get Banned In Darkfall: Unholy Wars


I have often said that MMO gamers are a notoriously vindictive bunch, and I count myself as part of that demographic. There is something undeniably satisfying about being able to see that a gold farmer or an abusive player that you reported has been banned, a satisfaction that is generally denied by developers unwilling to divulge any information regarding action taken against accounts. In games like RuneScape, where being banned means removal from the high scores, you can generally assume that someone is banned even if it isn’t explicitly stated.

For Darkfall Unholy Wars, there is the Unholy Banhammer, a database where no-goodniks are strung up on display with their username, clan (if applicable) and reason for ban for everyone to see. The list is populated pretty heavily by gold farming accounts with gibberish names like Fdsdgd Cvdfsggb. You can check out the complete list of names (currently 63) below, updated regularly.

(Source: Unholy Banhammer)

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