Side Quest Details Itemization


We love Side Quest here at MMO Fallout, and not just because it is refreshing to see an indie MMO that isn’t rehashing World of Warcraft with none of the appeal, isn’t a hardcore sandbox deathmatch arena filled with hackers and cheaters, and (somewhat important) isn’t run by a litigation-happy developer. No, Side Quest continues to be the gem in the corner that people don’t notice because it looks a bit like a potato chip. There is a lot of love that is going into this game, to create an experience that for once I could say I hadn’t really played before.

The latest developer diary dives into how itemization will work with Side Quest. Each dungeon holds two sets of armor for each character (class) that can be acquired both by playing solo or with other players. To encourage party play, of course, parties with multiple players have a better chance at grabbing those high-end items. Sets of armor all have “set bonuses,” along with exclusive random stat types like Crit strike or crit damage. Additionally, players can refine armor with gold and materials to improve their stats.

You can check out the dev diary at the link below. Check out MMO Fallout’s previous coverage of Side Quest here.

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