Some Cryptic Images

This isn’t a regularly scheduled article, but since I’m deleting the “Champions In Court” category (not much to go on nowadays), I’ve decided to give Cryptic one last hurrah, and post up a few images I have sitting in my Champions Online and Star Trek Online folders.

So without further ado, ahead! (after the break).

End of beta event.

What about the rights of that little girl?

Foxbat: What a drama queen.

I did not have combatual relations with that villain!

Closed beta shot. Make it so.

Blarrrghhh, no...Borg.

Internet, the penultimate frontier.

To stop for a bathroom break is...Illogical.


You will be assimil-NO WAIT DON'T SHOOT US

The tag on this Borg says...Made in China?

Ensign, here is five dollars. Get me a burger and a coke. Make it so.

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