Sorry, The Old Republic Means Repetition In Media

A journalist in gaming will express a distrust in mainstream media. After all, whenever someone in Korea dies from dehydration after a week long Starcraft binge, or a sadist in Vermont murders his child because her crying interrupted his Call of Duty kill streak, the rest of us are painted equally as unsociable psychopaths just waiting for someone to press the right button to send us on a killing spree. Heading further into the niche, I as a writer for MMOs have a similar distaste for mainstream gaming media for similar reasons. The mainstream gaming media loves to paint us as strangers with too much time, too much expendable money, and not enough sunlight or social interaction.

So it stands that whenever a grandiose MMO releases, the same stories from past will be recycled. Yes, any MMO with an economy of any kind will bring in gold farmers. Yes, the most preordered MMO in recent history is having issues with server capacity and getting people a spot in line. And they are behind in the times, too. Apparently no one told the gaming press that making your game free to play has not been a death sentence since 2009, and that the transition isn’t a switch that developers hit in a last ditch hope to make money, but rather a lengthy process that costs a lot of time and money.

For the next few months, expect to hear everything you already knew. Bear with them, they get paid moderately well to run the same stories every now and then.

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