Star Vault Posts Lower Fourth Quarter

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Star Vault has posted their fourth quarter results for 2013, and the results are not looking so great. Net sales during the fourth quarter amounted to over eighty five thousand, a very small loss from the previous quarter. Net profit, on the other hand, dropped further into the red to one hundred fifty three thousand.

Despite this loss, Star Vault reported an increase in monthly payments during the fourth quarter compared to the third with CEO Henrik Nystrom claiming a positive increase in player activity over the year. In September, Mortal Online was approved for release on Steam through the Greenlight program, which will open the game to a wider audience.

Henrik Nystrom commented on the upcoming Steam launch:

Thanks to hard work and a faithful, active player community became Mortal Online, in competition with 15,000 other games around the world, approved to be listed on STEAM. STEAM is the world’s largest online distributor of PC games and we were voted by over 70,000 players. Mortal Online will then be posted on a global playlist daily visited by between 4-6 million players worldwide.

Through private placements and player donations, we have added the capital required for achieving progress and deliver new features, but especially to hone in on the launch so that it is just as good as global players require today. We are also working to expand the so-called “physical game faces” in Mortal Online, which means that we can handle more players.

We have seen a cautious positive trend of increased player activity during the year and now look forward to the upcoming launch of exciting opportunities.

The upcoming Annual General Meeting will decide on a replacement for the position of deputy director following the passing of Ulfric Nystrom.

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