Star Vault Q3 Report Shows Revenue Growth

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Star Vault has released their Q3 2014 finances, and the results are slightly positive. The first quarter brought a dramatic shift in both sales and profit, and while operations have returned to normal the current quarter showed a small increase in profits over the previous. Net sales for the third quarter amounted to $72 thousand over $70 thousand last quarter, with net profit rising nearly $10 thousand to $143 thousand down.

The number of subscribers, according to the report, has remained stable.

(Full disclosure: Henrik Nystrom’s statement this quarter had to be slightly edited to polish the grammar, due to a particularly low quality translation. We didn’t alter much. Star Vault’s finances are published on the Aktie Torget stock exchange in Swedish, linked below, and translated using Google’s automatic tools. Figures shown above are based off of the SEK to USD conversion rates as of the day of their publishing.)

We a pleased to announce in September that Territory Control system is in place, giving players the opportunity to design and choose the laws of the cities. Players can now wage war on land and make peace with neighbors – an aspect that for a long time desired by users. As I have in previous communications have mentioned, we have worked to develop the Territory control for a long time and we look forward to following the development of the game now that the system is in place.

Territory Control will be developed with new features afterwards as there are needs. The system is a big part of our unique play area, where all types of players can participate. There are a lot of hidden and secret elements for players to explore, and this part will be exciting to follow and take note of feedback from players on.

We came in first as the most hyped game on the Gold Chipset and will attend DreamHack 2014 Saturday 29th November. There we will introduce the game to visitors and distribute Mortal Online steel boxes with the game code.

We await the new owners plan to launch the Oculus Rift for us to be able to handle further support for Mortal Online and Oculus Rift.

The technical implementation for network support for the new continent is completed and now we have full
focus on improving the AI (Artificial Intelligence / computer opponents) and very new content on the new continent. An improvement of our AI is an important part of our game that will achieve a higher standard when this part is over. This is to provide an exciting new challenge in the new continent. Myrland who was the first continent has no extremes of creatures or climate which now gets introduced with the next continent.

In memory of Ulf Nystrom, we have created a painting that is now available in the game Mortal Online.

Henrik Nystrom
CEO, Star Vault AB

(Source: Star Vault)

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