Star Vault Summons League of Extraordinary Investors For Meeting

The Board proposes that the AGM resolve in order to enable the Board to provide the company with working capital to authorize the Board, during the period until the next AGM, to decide on the issue of a maximum a number of shares and / or convertible bonds and / or warrants entitling to convert to each new subscription, or involves the issuance of a maximum a number of shares to an amount not to exceed 2 million…

Looking to buy stock in Star Vault? They are looking to sell. Announced in an investor’s email, Star Vault will be holding a meeting on January 13th to discuss and vote on the sale of up to 2 million more stocks in order to acquire more “working capital.” The board notes the obvious downside of issuing these stocks, namely that it will dilute the value for existing stockholders.

The measure requires two thirds of the board to vote yes before the new stocks can be sold.

(Source: Translated Release)

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