[DEVELOPING] The “Sony Hacked” Mega Article

I’ve decided to sticky this article and use this instead of creating more articles on the same issue. The most recent news will be up top, and to stop clutter, any previous news will be below the “read more” link.

[5/8/11]: PSN services remain offline due to a planned attack for this past weekend.

[5/7/11]: Sony Europe “Welcome Back” includes free games.

[5/4/11]: Sony has posted their response to the United States House of Representatives.

What we know so far:

  • Playstation Network: Offline until further notice.
  • Sony Online Entertainment: Offline until further notice.
  • PSN users will be compensated 30 days free game time, and nonspecific free downloads.
  • SOE users will be compensated 30 days free game time, plus various other items.
  • There are multiple class action lawsuits in the works.
  • The attack was carried out by Anonymous.
  • There have been no reports of credit card fraud as a result of this attack.

[5/4/11] Bad news, Sony dudes. In an article yesterday in the San Diego Tribune, the publication noted that the Sony Station network will be offline until Friday at the earliest.

Rodriguez added that Sony Online Entertainment’s network would be shut down until Friday and possibly longer. The company has contacted the FBI to investigate the attack.

In addition, it was only a matter of time until an opportunist took advantage of this situation to get rich, as a class action lawsuit is brewing for 1.05 billion dollars. One billion, huh? The SOE servers must have contained the original works by William Shakespeare for that kind of money, plus most of Da Vinci’s paintings, as well as evidence of the Roswell alien crash.

Then again, if Shakespeare’s works were in those servers, perhaps the lawyers should best leave them lost. After all, it was Dick the butcher who said we should kill all the lawyers.

The fact that Sony has brought in the FBI is at least an indication that they believe themselves to be the victim, rather than a fault of negligence on their behalf.

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One Response to “[DEVELOPING] The “Sony Hacked” Mega Article”

  1. ScytheNoire says:

    The Anonymous is a claim, not a fact. Given Sony’s behaviour on this and past issues, it’s not a given fact, but rather a convenient excuse.