Steam Greenlight’s List Hard To Figure Out

Xsyon Sandbox MMORPG 20130809 1

I received a press release from Xsyon today mentioning that the sandbox MMO had reached the top 100 titles on Steam Greenlight, and while there is a special place in my heart for the folks at Notorious Games, the placement doesn’t make me want to jump to the “expect Xsyon on Steam soon” headline. You see, if there’s one thing that indie MMOs like to send me, it is the reveal that their title hit the top 100, top 50, and more to promote the idea that their game will be coming to Steam sooner or later. Over several months, and virtually none of them have seen approval. The reality is that Valve’s process of approving Greenlight games has almost nothing to do with their standing on the Greenlight Top X, according to my correspondence with Star Vault, Mortal Online spent the past three or four lists of approved games near the top, and its greenlighting was very often passed over for games further down on the list.

Which isn’t to say that Xsyon won’t be releasing on Steam, if anything it is a good sign that it will be. It is important not to jump to the conclusion that Xsyon is front of the line for approval, because if Steam Greenlight can be imagined as anything, it would be a game of musical chairs, with the winners being the ones who get a seat when the music stops. There’s no guarantee that being in the front of the line will get you a seat.

Still, congratulations to the Notorious Games crew for getting as much attention as they have through Steam, and best of luck with Greenlight.

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