Storybricks Collaborating On Everquest Next


Remember Storybricks? The last we had heard, the game Kingdom of Default had been cancelled so that the AI structuring technology could be properly developed and used on other video games. We were told that several projects were in development, however nothing specific could be offered at the time. Well buckle your seatbelts, because the Storybricks team has put out an email explaining that they are collaborating with Sony Online Entertainment to bring the Storybricks AI platform to Everquest Next.

After several months of working together with Sony Online, we can finally reveal that we are collaborating on EverQuest Next. EQN is “the biggest sandbox ever designed” and we are extremely happy to be working on the most innovative MMORPG under development. This is just a tiny announcement as we can’t give any specifics about what we are doing on EQN yet.  But we want to thank all our supporters for your patience and let you know that we are doing remarkable things.

More details to come.

(Source: Storybricks Newsletter)

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