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Video: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.3

Final Fantasy’s 2.3 patch is so massive, it requires an equally beefy eight minute trailer. Those of you with active subscriptions are likely already downloading the patch as I write this, so just watch the trailer anyway. Advertisements


Final Fantasy XIV Launches 2.2 Teaser Site

Final Fantasy XIV’s 2.2 patch launches in just under two weeks, and it includes a ton of new content. Titled Through the Maelstrom, update 2.2 introduces new quests, new scenarios, dungeons, glamours, gardening, heavy fishing, and the second coil of Bahamut, and more. Update 2.2 launches on March 27th, but you can check out the […]

Final Fantasy XIV Pulling Square Enix’s Bootstraps

  Here at MMO Fallout, we have something of a love-hate relationship with Square Enix. Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn is one of the best MMOs we have played here in a good while, but the travesty that was FFXIV 1.0 has still not faded from our minds. The good news is that the success […]

MMOrning Shots: Deep Thoughts

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I’m not sure if the guy staring off into space is deep in thought, contemplating the vast unexplored wilderness that is the universe. Either that, or he thinks I am a bot and is in the middle of reporting my character to customer service. […]

FFXIV Back On (Digital) Store Shelves

Good news, everyone. A couple of weeks have passed since Final Fantasy XIV entered its head start phase, during which the servers became consistently flooded with players all looking to make their home in Eorzea. Due to the overwhelming response by players, Square Enix decided to temporarily halt┬ádigital sales of the game on their official […]

FFXIV Review Part 2: The Bad

(Editor’s Note: This was originally supposed to be a one part article, but for some reason it was playing hell with the server, so it has been split up) Now let’s talk about the negatives, starting with everyone’s favorite piece from 1.0: Levequests. Levequests are back and they are just as convoluted as they were […]

MMOrning Shots: Your FATE Is Sealed

In Final Fantasy XIV, the FATE system is a series of short events that pop up all over the world. Sometimes you might be tasked with defeating an insane band of fungus creatures, sometimes you have to drive back an invasion of bandits, and sometimes you just have to beat the tar out of a […]

FFXIV: A Realm Is Reborn On August 27th

You remember Final Fantasy XIV, right? It’s that game that a few of our old website logos used to be based on. It’s been a while now since Final Fantasy XIV shut down to the public, with the promise of an upcoming relaunch in the form of A Realm Reborn. Well wait no longer! While […]

Video of the ____: FFXIV: End of an Era Extended Cut

Square Enix has released an extended cut version of the End of an Era video released last November. The first five minutes are the same End of an Era video you saw just a few months ago, with the addition of new video showing what happened to the adventurers after they were teleported away at […]

Final Fantasy XIV Shuts Down: Watch The World End

If there is one thing Square Enix may never fail to impress us with, it must be the cinematic cutscenes that they create for their games, and the soundtracks that accompany them. Alright, make that two things. Final Fantasy XIV ended today in a cataclysm that destroyed the entire world, all recreated through the power […]