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Valve Addresses Fake Steam Games Again, Again, Again, Again

Valve is once again taking on fake games plaguing Steam, this time focusing on achievements. In a leaked post to the private developer forums, Valve announced that games will now be subject to confidence constraints that will limit how many achievements a game can have and how those achievements affect your account, until the game […]


MMOments: Marvel Heroes Anniversary Achievements

Marvel Heroes is in the fourth week of its second anniversary, and that means if you haven’t already started working on the related achievements, you’re probably too late. If you haven’t been tuning into the ARPG these past few weeks, you missed out on a lot of free stuff. A random hero, Angel team up, […]

Marvel Heroes Introduces Achievements

Marvel Heroes players have another set of things to collect, with the introduction of in-game achievements. Today’s update adds hundreds of achievements, rewarding players with credits, costumes, pets, and more. Achievements span everything from leveling up, collecting items, defeating enemies, and more. You can find the announcement at the link below. Also coming with today’s […]

Guild Wars 2 Impressions Part 2: Crafting, WvWvW

First off, I would like to apologize to the servers currently fighting Blackgate. Sorry we are completely dominating the board, that is. I kid, but seriously my server is whooping some major ass in the world vs world scene. Anyway, in the previous hands on I had a chance at discussing the questing of Guild […]

Fallen Earth: Now With Achievements!

Log Entry for the second week of May 2051: After my most recent encounter, I have determined it best to find myself a suitable permanent residence. Traveling for miles over these burned out plains, I pass by numerous, if not countless, houses and buildings in varying states of disrepair. Entire sides of the buildings gone, […]