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GamersFirst Now Owned By Little Orbit

GamersFirst announced this week that it has been acquired by developer Little Orbit, with new CEO Matt Scott addressing the communities of APB and Fallen Earth to detail their plans for the future. “There’s been a lot of speculation over the last couple months about who would be crazy enough to take on this game. […]


APB Reloaded Compensating For Downtime

If you hadn’t noticed, DDOS attacks have become common enough that nowadays they’re just a regular thing that happens every so often. Pick any major game service, be it Xbox Live, PSN, RuneScape, World of Warcraft, etc, and odds are it has experienced service disruption in recent months due to these attacks. In the case […]

MMOrning Shots: All Points Bulletin

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from All Points Bulletin, a piece of artwork sent out to the press way back in 2005. Fun fact: Realtime Worlds imposed an embargo on reviews that lasted one week after the launch of the game. They told us that the reasoning was so we could experience the full effect […]

Gamersfirst Unleashes Brawndo: Lag Mutilator

BRAWNDO’S GOT WHAT PLAYERS CRAVE! Brawndo’s got electrolytes. And that’s what players crave. They crave electrolytes. Which players crave. they crave electrolytes. Which is what Brawndo has. And that’s why players crave Brawndo. Not water, like from the toilet. Good news, All Points Bulletin fans. In the latest APB dev blog, Gamersfirst is proud to […]

APB Reloaded: Thank You, Cheaters!

Reading K2 Networks (GamersFirst) talk about cheaters reminds me of the black knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Even though King Arthur continues to hack the black knight apart, limb from limb, he continues his volley of verbal assaults at Arthur’s ability with a sword, to the point where, in defeat, the […]

GamersFirst In Scotland, Cryptic Deja Vu.

Who wants All Points Bulletin: Reloaded? Scotland wants APB: Reloaded. So much so, that Scottish Development International offered a cash incentive for K2 Networks to open up an office in Scotland, as well as a two hundred thousand in “regional selective assistance” from the Scottish Enterprise development agency, in order to set up shop. Well, K2 […]

APB: Reloaded Cars Drive Like Cars!

You know, I’d forgotten how good All Points Bulletin looked, not to mention Realtime World’s plans to overhaul driving and shooting before the shooter went defunct last year. The latest video from K2 Networks showcases driving like you’ve never seen in the game: functional. Although the driving isn’t perfect, the system is leaps and bounds […]

GamersFirst Show: Episode 1

There is something to be said about this video from GamersFirst. If I had a nickel for every time I didn’t laugh during this show, I’d put those nickels in a sock, give that sock to Hal Sparks, and sit idly as he uses it to beat Jonenee Merriex for yet another spin-off of Talk Soup, […]

What The Hell Happened This Week? Catching Up Edition

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been out in North Carolina for the past week or so (hence the lack of updates) in a period of what I can only refer to as not having the internet, at all. But, now that I’m back, it’s time for a quick wrapup of what I should have […]

APB Closed Beta Incoming, Still No Earth Eternal

  Adorable. All Points Bulletin and Earth Eternal shut down around the same time last year, give or take about a month, and since then only one of the two has been getting much of any news coverage, and that tile is not Earth Eternal. Over on the APB front, K2 Networks has been putting […]