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Bad Press: The Curious Case Of Anthem And Stream Bans

For today’s bad press, I’m going to single out a certain Youtuber who goes by The Quartering even though he isn’t the only offender here. In case you haven’t been paying attention to Youtube drama news over the past couple of days, an incident occurred last week after a user began streaming alpha footage of […]


Alpha Signups Open For Rend, Open World Survival Game

Starting today, players will be able to get their hands on the invite-only alpha test for Rend, an upcoming faction-based fantasy survival game from Frostkeep Studios. Frostkeep is a new independent studio made up of a number of industry veterans from World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legends, and more. Launching into early access later […]

[Community] Wild West Online, Another Bad Weekend, and Humble Pie On Refunds

Wild West Online might be the worst game of 2017, and its alpha weekend rollout might be the worst pitch to buy a game that I have seen since The WarZ did it years ago, but I have to give some kudos to the team. Let’s talk. This weekend marked the second alpha test weekend […]

[Community] Wild West Online, Everquest Next, and Guaranteed Refunds

I refuse to advocate or advertise Wild West Online’s preorder scheme, but I am going to tell you why I don’t trust buying into it and how it all comes back to Everquest Next, zombies, and Sergey Titov. As one of the most incompetent and shady developers in this industry, MMO Fallout takes great caution […]

Alpha Matter: Project Gorgon

  “In this particular dungeon, there is a boss that can turn you into a cow.” All I need to hear, game of the year every year! My first moment of experience with booting up the Project Gorgon early alpha was reading a note warning me that bosses in the game can inflict curses upon […]

Why Does ArcheAge Have Sixteen Thousand Spammers?

ArcheAge is currently in alpha stage getting ready for its launch under Trion Worlds. Players are in-game thanks to a $150 package, where they are bug testing, balance testing, and apparently gold farming and spamming in massive quantities. How massive? Trion Worlds banned sixteen thousand accounts for spamming chat and botting gold. In an alpha. […]

Everquest Landmark Drops 32-bit OS Support

Gamers looking forward to seeing Everquest Next Landmark on 32-bit operating systems can officially put their dreams to rest. Dave Georgeson posted on Twitter today to announce that there will be no 32-bit version of the game. Another News Flash: Landmark is going to have to be a 64-bit OS game *only*. We are going […]

Everquest Landmark NDA Lifted

The Everquest Next Landmark alpha has been up for less than 24 hours, and John Smedley has taken to Twitter to announce that the nondisclosure agreement has officially been lifted. Players are allowed to talk about what they want, stream what they want, and post screenshots as they want. The NDA is officially lifted for […]

SOE Promises Refunds For Unsatisfied Alpha Testers.

Sony Online Entertainment is set to launch the alpha for Everquest Next Landmark later today. Given the increasing reliance on early access purchases and your average gamer’s habit of buying an alpha stage game and then being stricken with buyer’s remorse because it isn’t a finished product, SOE is offering a full refund for anyone […]

MMOrning Shots: Greed Monger Tri

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Greed Monger, showing off some of the game’s beautiful looking scenery. Yes, the photo is cropped to remove the relatively ugly looking player models, but what do you expect? This is pre-alpha.