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Jagex Celebrates International Women’s Day With Reddit AMA

Jagex is kicking off International Women’s Day with a Reddit Ask Me Anything. “We’d love to inspire more women to join the games industry and we’re excited to talk about all the different and awesome skills that are needed to make video games! As such, we are from all sectors within the business from HR […]

Neverwinter AMA Answers

Neverwinter’s latest Reddit AMA was last night, and for the sake of brevity we have compiled a list of the more important/informational answers. For those of you willing to dive deep and read the full answers, you can check out the complete Reddit thread here. The overall AMA is pretty short and easily finished in […]

Join Neverwinter’s Reddit AMA Today

With The Maze Engine on the horizon, Perfect World Entertainment will be holding an Ask Me Anything event on Reddit. Users are already asking questions and the answering session is supposed to begin at approximately 7:30pm Pacific, or about 45 minutes after this post gets published. You can join in and ask your own questions, […]

John Smedley Reddit Highlights

Following the announcement that four of Sony Online Entertainment’s MMOs would be shutting down, John Smedley went on Reddit to take part in an Ask Me Anything with the community. While this is nowhere near all of the answers, I’ve put together some significant comments for your easy viewing. First of all, the shuttering of […]

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