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Amazon Game Studios Suffers Layoffs, Cancellations

Amazon Game Studios confirmed this week that it has laid off dozens of employees in a report published by Jason Schreier of Kotaku. Affected employees have been told that they have 60 days to seek new positions within Amazon or they will receive a severance package upon dismissal. An Amazon spokesperson stated to Kotaku: “These […]

Webzen Launching KnightWeGo, MU Character Art Toy

Webzen this week announced a collaboration with Sentinel Co., Ltd. for KnightWeGo, an MU charcter art toy. Sentinel is located in Japan and specializes in toys, figures, and various other goods. Webzen and Sentinel have collaborated to design a new toy called KnightWeGo, combining MU character Dark Knight with Sentinel’s action figure 35MechatroWeGo. It’s odd […]

Amazon Reveals 2018 Best Selling Games

It’s that time of the year, when retail stores start posting their best selling games from the prior year. Amazon has posted the top selling products in the video game category. The top 10 is mostly comprised of Playstation Plus cards and Playstation cash cards, with Nintendo Switch products making up the bulk of the […]

PSA: Get 1 Year PS+ For $40 (Normally $60) On Amazon, Gamestop

Our more money savvy viewers are likely already taking part in this plan, but one of the better ways to top up your Playstation Plus or Xbox Live each year is to buy the cards on Black Friday or around Christmas, two of the very few times that the cards actually go on sale. It […]

[Community] Amazon’s Ridiculous and Inconsistent Prime-Gating

Before we begin, let me just get this out of the way and say that I am an Amazon Prime customer and am very happy with my service. Now on to the article. Amazon has caused plenty of ruffled feathers and heads scratched in confusion with a very odd and inconsistent new scheme to sell […]

The Division Is Slamming Amazon’s Best Seller List

With The Division’s launch just a few days away, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the title is ranking high on Amazon’s best seller list. The Playstation 4 standard version is the second best selling game on the list so far, outranked only by the recently released Twilight Princess remake on Nintendo WiiU. The Xbox […]

Amazon Mayhem Sale Goes Into Effect

Amazon’s Digital Games Mayhem has begun. Running from May 22nd to May 31st, save up to 80% on select titles and bundles. Path of Exile packages ($20, $40, $60) Final Fantasy XIV ($14.99) Final Fantasy XI ($11.99) Warframe Packages Defiance Digital Deluxe ($14.99) Defiance 4-pack ($14.99)

Check Out Amazon’s Black Friday Digital Deals

Santa brings presents to all the good little boys and girls, but who comes to the rescue of those without wealthy parents? Everyone’s favorite friend, Sanity Clause! Amazon is having a massive sale on digital games, and wouldn’t you know there are a bundle of MMO goodies under the tree. Eve Online players will be […]

Watch Defiance Episode #1 on Amazon

Want to see the series premiere of Defiance but don’t want to wait until April 15th? Boy are you in luck. In what is either a case of itchy programming or intentional promotion, Amazon has put up the entire one hour twenty six minute series premiere of Defiance. According to a few people we’ve talked […]

Grab TERA For $10 On Amazon (50% Off)

TERA goes free to play on February 5th, and you can still pick up a copy of the game on Amazon for $10. Why buy a copy of a game that will be free to play by this time tomorrow? If you haven’t been paying attention (and if you have to ask, you haven’t), TERA’s […]

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