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Funcom Q3 2012 Finances

The third quarter results are in for Funcom, and the news is a mix. The Secret World has launched and revenues for the third quarter are 10,963 TUSD, more than double for the same quarter in 2011 and far higher than in the second quarter of this year.¬†Unfortunately¬† due to the poor launch of The […]


Funcom Reverses Layoffs, Anarchy Online Engine Update, Steam

You were paying attention when Funcom stated that the layoffs back at the end of August were temporary, weren’t you? In the latest Flash Point podcast, Joel Bylos went on to explain that the rehiring process has already begun, with three of the ex-Funcom employees brought back to the team. On the end of The […]

Funcom Q2 2012 Highlights

Funcom’s second quarter finances are out, and the results are rather predictable. Since we already know from previous reports that The Secret World failed to meet up to Funcom’s expectations, and greatly so, it comes as little surprise that the recently launched MMO has pulled in less than half of Funcom’s previous “Conan-like” scenario. The […]

Funcom Q1 2012 Finances

Funcom today released the financial details for the first quarter of 2012, and the results are mixed. Age of Conan continues to be Funcom’s major source of income, although revenue is down due to the release of a “large competitor.” Revenues dropped from 3,389 TUSD in Q1 2011 to 2,293 TUSD this quarter. The Secret […]

Video of the ___: Anarchy Online New Engine

Anarchy Online’s engine upgrade has been a long time coming, and while there is still some time to wait before players can enjoy the decade old MMO with brand new digs, the team at Funcom has promised to release a series of videos detailing new environments and player design.

Funcom Q4 Finances: Project A Unveiled

In their third quarter finances, Funcom predicted a lower revenue for quarter four on account of the initial fervor over Age of Conan’s free to play ending. In the presentation, released today, Funcom reaffirmed this by posting a revenue loss of 11% quarter over quarter. While Age of Conan remains Funcom’s primary source of income, […]

Funcom Q3 2011 Finances

Because most of you probably don’t care to read up on it yourself, MMO Fallout is committed to bringing you the important information from each quarter’s financial reports. Yesterday, Funcom revealed its third quarter finances to investors, and there is plenty to boast about. Revenues increased 55% in the third quarter compared to the second, […]

Funcom Q2 2011 Finances

It’s August, and that can only mean plenty of Q2 financial reports to read. Funcom has released its financial reports for the second quarter of 2011, with just enough time to factor in Age of Conan: Unchained. Here are some points of interest: Age of Conan: Unchained has more than doubled revenue for the title, […]

Looking Back, Moving Forward: November 2010

Small change in the LBMF structure. Now that November is done, companies are going to have to ramp up work if they’re going to get their game out and hit that 2010 release date. According to the game list, there are more MMOs apparently slated for release this month than I can care to […]

Cash Shop Coming To Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is one of the oldest MMOs on the market, and for the fact that it never appeared much (read: at all) here on MMO Fallout, the game has brought a number of innovations to the MMO genre, foremost instancing, dynamic questing, and in-game advertising. Funcom also touched upon what we now think of […]