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[Video] Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box Is Coming Back

We’re getting close to April Fool’s Day and that can only mean one thing: The Super Adventure Box is coming back to Tyria. Check out the update when it goes live and, in the meantime, enjoy this callback to the first Adventure Box release. Advertisements


MMO Fallout’s Grandiose April Fool’s Day Prank

It’s April 2nd? Ignore this post.

CalcMMO Shutting Down Today

It is truly a sad day here at MMO Fallout, as we must pass along the news that CalcMMO will be shutting down later today. What? You never heard of CalcMMO? CalcMMO is the world’s first and last TI-83 themed MMO, which launched on Steam’s early access earlier today. CalcMMO is free to play and […]

Guild Wars 2 Reveals…Bobble Heads!

Why does everyone have tiny heads? If you have to ask, you don’t know the answer. Luckily, ArenaNet is here to solve this age-old question, of which you are apparently the only person who has yet to figure out. Starting today, Guild Wars 2 players will find that their heads have been inflated to a […]

EA Sends Origin Coupons In Response To Playstation Store Downtime

Update: EA has retracted its free game offer, noting that the original notice was created in mistake. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen reached out to MMO Fallout to explain what was simply a case of mistaken identity: Electronic Arts stands at the head of a large number of subsidiaries, and it’s become so hard to  keep track […]

TERA Unveils Small Ass Monsters

The folks at En Masse Entertainment have unveiled an upcoming update to TERA, introducing the Small Ass Monster. Players will be able to use the brand new “jump and squash” technique to destroy these new creatures, and take a break from the daily grind of fighting Big Ass Monsters.

April Fool’s 2011 Roundup

April Fool’s is one of my favorite days of the year, because I love seeing what jokes companies will come up with, my personal favorite being Google’s yearly jokes. Today isn’t even over, and I think the award for the best joke goes to ArenaNet with Guild Wars, who not only created a trailer and page […]

Best of April Fools 2010

While doing Kevin Bacon’s usual rounds of Topeka searches for MMO news from my favorite Kansas city of Google, Kevin Bacon checked the calendar and realized: It’s April 1st! The glorious day of the year where, at least in Kevin Bacon’s experiences, news stories fall into one of two categories: Companies either announce something insanely […]