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Trion Worlds Compensates (Again) Players For ArcheAge Downtime (Again)

At some point the news will just revert to posting articles when ArcheAge goes a full month without having any server issues or lengthy downtime. Until then, we will be here to report on every time players are offered their regular stipend of compensation. ArcheAge’s recent downtime, not to be confused with the downtime last […]

ArcheAge 3.1 To Take Game To Its Roots

ArcheAge is getting updated to version 3.1 on January 17, so long as you are playing on the Korean servers. Among the updates are more character and item growth, potentially pointing to an increased level cap, as well as an increase in overseas trading, balancing new and veteran players, and adding/improving conveniences. XL Games hasn’t […]

Grab Your Compensation Packs In ArcheAge

It’s a regular day in the neighborhood as Trion Worlds is once again apologizing for a bad launch bringing its servers down for a very long period of time. If you logged into the fresh start, or even the legacy servers, over the past couple of weeks, you are entitled to a list of freebies […]

[Community] The Right To Deny You As A Customer

While I agree with the numerous studies that have found ‘friendly fraud,’ casual abuse of the charge back system, to be far higher than it should be, I have always erred on the side of the consumer when it comes to forcing a refund through your credit card company, and historically so have the credit […]

Scott Hartsman Releases Statement On ArcheAge Downtime

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that ArcheAge rolled out the Revelation update, however as so often happens in this industry, things didn’t go according to plan. While the European launch went off rather quietly, the North American servers hit a snag that the European version did not, resulting in issues that brought the […]

ArcheAge Introduces Two New Races: Dwarves and Warborn

ArcheAge players will be able to get their hands on two new races today as the latest update, Revelation, hits live servers. Both the Dwarves and the Warborn introduce new stories and quests, as well as the ability to transform and maybe even roll out with new character models and animations to set them apart […]

ArcheAge Issues Warning Against Toxic Behavior

Stomping down toxic behavior is all the rage these days, between Riot Games putting the kibosh and permanently banning certain players for life, to Blizzard pledging to tackle racism after the latest Dreamhack conference, Jagex taking on streamer harassment and KKK cosplay (a phrase that shouldn’t exist), and now Trion Worlds with ArcheAge. The game […]

ArcheAge Producer Letter Discusses Security, Servers

ArcheAge senior producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai has posted a new producer letter for April 2016, discussing a range of topics from security to server structure. The post starts out by commenting that the western ArcheAge is only one update behind the Korean version. So where does ArcheAge stand? You may recall Trion warning not […]

ArcheAge: Buy Credits, Get Backlash

It must be Monday, because Trion Worlds is once again gating controversy over allegations of pay to win in ArcheAge. Last week, the company introduced a perk for the $100 cash shop pack that comes with a free hot tub (pictured above, courtesy of Reddit). So what’s the problem? Companies give these incentives all the […]

Trion Worlds Punishes Impersonation Scam, Community Explodes

Trion Worlds has spent the better part of the past six or so months attempting to slowly detoxify the very virulent community whose actions they have actively coddled and defended as ‘in the spirit of the game,’ and that shift in management has come to a head once again with Trion reversing a trade scam against […]