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City of Steam: Resting, Not Retired

City of Steam was a rather highly spoken of game here at MMO Fallout from years back, although it only shut down about a year ago, but I’ve found myself thinking about the game every now and then. As it happens, I stumbled onto the website for no real reason only to find that it […]


City of Steam Is Shutting Down This Month

City of Steam developer Mechanist Games has announced that services for the MMO will shut down later this month. The game launched in 2013 and was named MMO Fallout’s ‘Most Disappointing MMO of the Year,” due to a partnership with R2 Games that saw many of the game’s mechanics simplified or outright removed and the overall […]

City of Steam Hits Steam Today

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic. Following the launch of City of Steam: Arkadia last year on web browsers, through Kongregate, and via an available micro-client, Mechanist Games will be launching their MMO on Steam today at approximately noon EST. Arkadia was voted on to Steam through the powers invested in Greenlight, […]

City of Steam: Arkadia Coming December 4th

City of Steam may already be dead and buried, at least as far as the English servers under R2Games are concerned, but that hasn’t stopped the folks at Mechanist Games from continuing work on its sleeker, slimmer replacement. In a news post published today, Mechanist Games has revealed that the launch date of City of […]

MMOrning Shots: Burning Down The House

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from City of Steam, more specifically the upcoming relaunch titled Arkadia. With the R2Games servers shutting down tomorrow, now is as good a time as any to get excited about the reboot. Check out our coverage when City of Steam 2.0 goes live.

Mechanist Games Will Compensate Players

As plenty of you already know, City of Steam’s English servers under R2 Games are shutting down November 21st. In a press release by Mechanist Games sent out today, the developer has revealed plans to compensate backers and restore the faith of their community. While not all of the details are final, when City of […]

Mechanist Games Revokes City of Steam From R2 Games

Back when I previewed City of Steam’s open beta, I noted that while the game was still fun in multiple aspects, that the game had been taken a rather notable hit in quality since its closed beta and before R2 Games was announced as the publisher. Certain game mechanics were severely simplified, the FAQ for […]