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Duke Nukem Licensed Out To MMOARPG Wild Buster

MMOARPG Wild Buster dubs itself a “gritty science fiction hack’n’slash MMORPG” with PvP, PvE, and now apparently Duke Nukem. In an announcement posted today, developer Insel Games announced that the Duke would be joining the roster of heroes. No piracy here, the inclusion of the babe-rescuing, cigar smoking, Ash parody is fully licensed with the […]


Path of Exile: Why Aren’t You Playing?

I consider myself more of an older school MMO gamer here at MMO Fallout, so I have a simple policy regarding beta status: Once the wipes stop and the cash shop starts rolling, the game is in soft launch and the “it’s just beta” excuse doesn’t fly anymore. Path of Exile has become quite popular […]