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Bless Online Promises To Fix Unpopular Balance Changes

Ask gamers what they want out of an MMO and “make me less powerful and the enemies more powerful” is probably not going to be high on the list. So when Bless Online developer Neowiz decided to slash player power across the board, those players were understandably annoyed. With waves of negative reactions to the […]


Gloria Victis Balances Combat

Gloria Victis is tweaking combat once again, this week shortening the distance between new and experienced players. Players will find upon logging in that weapon damage has been adjusted as well as health scaling and passive abilities to ensure that higher level players won’t just roll over fresh accounts. Other aspects of the game have […]

Today’s Neverwinter Patch Balances Experience/Monsters

Neverwinter version NW.50.20150722a.15 will go live at around 9am Pacific today, with the servers going down at six to implement the update, but it brings with it a whole slate of balances to the post-60 experience. In regards to the Elemental Evil module which has seen a fair amount of criticism, the experience rewarded by Vigilance tasks […]